Monday, August 18, 2008

they see me rollin', they hatin'

You guys, this weekend went so fast. SO FAST. It seemed unfair. It might have seemed SO FAST because I drove to Cleveland and back in less than 24 hours. No, wait, it was EXACTLY 24 hours. Anyway. Whatever. I left Saturday afternoon for Cleveland to go to Amy's bachelorette party. The weather was perfect for a road trip. Warm and sunny, but not TOO hot. I could still drive with the windows down, only I hate to do that on the highway because it's too loud and then I can't hear my music.

And I WANTED to hear my music, because just moments before I left for Cleveland, the mailman brought me a package from Abigail. She sent me a running CD because I whined last week about not having any running music. I figured running music would also make good road trip music, and boy was I right. It's a good CD, is what I'm saying. And then! There I was, flying down 70, when Track 7 started and I completely lost it . . . no kidding, I almost drove my car off the road, I was laughing so hard. Because I heard the beginning of "Ridin' Dirty," which always makes me think of that time Heather Anne told a stranger at the gas station that "riding dirty" meant someone was traveling with contraband. Awesome.

I loved this bachelorette party, by the way. It was very un-bachelorettey. Amy didn't want any penis-related stuff to wear or strippers or anything, so it was very low key. We went to a Japanese steakhouse for dinner, where our chef sang us rap songs and ALSO I caught a shrimp in my mouth. You'd be more impressed if you knew how uncoordinated I am. Then we went to a dueling piano bar, where there were approximately 80 other bachelorette parties, only these bachelorettes were whores, according to Amy.

I think I'm getting more mature in my old age, because I watched how much I drank Saturday night. I KNOW. I didn't want to drive home all hungover because that is the worst thing ever. Even worse than riding the plane from Philly all hungover. See how much I've matured in the past three months?


mysterygirl! said...

"Ridin' Dirty" is the best driving song, and it also has lyrics that make for good LOLcaptions. Loves it.

Why were there shrimp flying through the air? I'm impressed by your dexterity.

Jennie! said...

The chef was throwing them in the air after he cooked them. I didn't really want to do it, but there was a lot of peer pressure.

kat! said...

seth told me this story about how his bachelor party ran into a bachelorette party at a club friday night, and one of the party (the bride's sister i believe) was so unbelievably drunk she kept falling down and into people on the dance floor and had to be carried to a table to sit down. and then she puked EVERYWHERE. so the bachelorette party got kicked out of the club and get this - it was only NINE PEE EM. basically she ruined everyone's whole night, so maybe it's a good thing you watched your alcohol intake? except, you know, that would have made for an awesome blog post.

Jennie! said...

Holy shit. That would have made an awesome blog post, only I'm not much of a puker when I'm drunk. I'm more of a be-loud-steal-things-run-home-from-the-bar type of drunk.

heather! anne! said...

Catching a shrimp in one's mouth as not as easy as one would hope. So good for you!

Jennie! said...

Thanks! Although, I think the chef did most of the work, I just opened my mouth.


Tam said...

Did you go to Howl At the Moon? That place is awesome. My ex boyfriend (who bought me miss Har) used to be a bouncer there. He was also a loser, but the bar was really fun. And by fun I mean fun to watch trashy bachlorettes make fools of themselves.

Wait, you didn't specify that I had a CLASSY party! Just because I had a penis veil (and straw) the last few hours doesn't make my entire party trashy jennie. It doesn't!

Jennie! said...

It was Howl At the Moon!

Your party was the opposite of Trashy. Hello, we drank wine and martinis.

Abigail said...

First of all, I have so many things to say.

ONE: When I read the post title I thought, "this will be awesome" not even realizing that, ha, it could be related.

TWO: Riding Dirty gets stuck in my head EVERY SINGLE DAY because of that CD.

THREE: Heather Nicole actually crafted that CD I think, many (howl at the) moons ago and I stole it from her.

FOUR: I agree that a road trip that hungover would be worse than taking a plane, but I still make people listen to me yammer about the worst hangover EVER.

FIVE: mg! please make me some riding dirty LOLcaptions.

and SIX: Doesn't Ross catch the shrimp in the valentine's episode with Carol and the lady who does something that wasn't even her major!?

Megan said...

Abigail and Jennie, like this:

S said...

I'm flawed in that I comment before reading whole posts. But so weird that I (not being an Ohio-ian-ite) was also in Cleveland this weekend. Small world. I will go back and read now.

S said...

Excellent work on catching that shrimp! I can never do it anytime I go to a hibachi restaurant. It always ends up in my lap or in my bra (so uncomfortable).

And thanks for letting me know there's a Howl at the Moon in Cleveland. My last totally awesome, full-blown drunken experience was capped off at Howl at the Moon in Chicago. Now I have a fun place to go next time I go out to visit my fam.