About Me

So, whenever I find a new blog, the first thing I do is go to the author's "About" page, mostly because I'm nosy but also because I want to see if they like the same TV shows as me (Community, Parks & Recreation, Lost, Doctor Who, Arrested Development, Modern Family, The X-Files, Sports Night, AND MORE).

But! I've never had an About page. I don't really know why. That's a lie. I totally know why. I only just recently figured out that you could publish separate pages on Blogger. I'm pretty sure that when I started blogging on Blogger (like...seven years ago...yikes), you couldn't do that, so I don't know how long that feature has been around. But my point is, now I know, and now YOU get to know all about me. How exciting for you.

1. I was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio and I live...in Dayton, Ohio. Maybe I will live somewhere else one day. I don't know. Most of my family lives here and my family is awesome, so it's hard to leave.

2. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

3. I got married in September 2010 to Joe. Hi, Joe! We met on Match.com but found out after we met that A) I worked with his dad and B) we'd grown up practically on the same block, but went to different schools because he's Catholic and I'm a heathen.

4. Before Joe and I shacked up, I lived with Heidi for four years, she of the many "Conversations with my Roommate." Those four years were pretty much the greetest.

5. I used to blog at Long Story Short, then I quit because I was tired of blogging. And then I started this blog like a month later.

6. I like to read. A LOT.

7. I like to write. A LOT. But I don't do it as much as I should.

8. I have a cat named Phoebe and a dog named Max.

9. I volunteer with a group called Oak Tree Corner, for grieving children. It's pretty much the best thing I've ever done.

10. If I had a time machine, I would go SO FAST back to the past so I could meet some dinosaurs. But only if my time machine had a clear titanium bubble over it so I didn't get eaten by a T-Rex.