Friday, August 29, 2008

Best. Day. Ever.

You wanna know why? I got out of work at 4. I'm having free pizza for dinner (thank you, parents). I'm staring down the barrel of a three day weekend. And today. While playing Wordscraper, the new Scrabble rip-off on Facebook, I spelled this:

i heart scrabble (Wordscraper . . . whatever)

Yes, it is truly the Best. Day. Ever.

Happy weekending, Internets.


Grad School Reject said...

That board has "Nut," "Boners," and "Bar"!!!!

That is the best board ever.

heather! anne! said...

Say crack again.

(I don't know.)

Stephanie said...

You are so immature.

Carmi said...

Good on ya for capturing the image for posterity. It's always been one of my favorite words because, aside from its pseudo-sexual connotation, it's a real word in its own right. I love double-meanings like this, because you can drop 'em into any conversation and then watch people's eyebrows zing upward. Too much fun!