Sunday, November 16, 2008

WARNING: this is written by Joe. Not Jennie. It could get confusing, is all. You'll see.

So I don't know about you, Internets, but this weekend has been pretty spectacular. Friday night, Heidi and I went to a slumber party at our friend, Nancy's. That's right, a SLUMBER PARTY. We played Rock Band and the new Guitar Hero and I totally rocked the shit out of the Bon Jovi classic, "Livin' On A Prayer." Seriously. It was epic. I almost lost my voice in the process, but it was worth it. Anything for the Rock Band. After we were done with that, we all (there were many of us, not just Heidi and I and Nancy) stripped down to our underwear and whispered secrets in each other's ears (Whitney told me the dirtiest thing I will ever hear in my life). Then we practiced french kissing before having a tickle fight and passing out in each other's arms. Also, we'd been drinking a lot. It was awesome-tastic.

On Saturday, Joe and I hung out and played Guitar Hero until our fingers cramped up, which for me was not long, but GUESS WHAT! I got a PERFECT SCORE on the song "My Name is Jonas" by Weezer. IT WAS AMAZING. Here, I'll prove it to you:


See? It was so amazing that we took a picture of it. Then we went to Los Tres Amigos (which is Spanish for 'The Three Amigos') for dinner. Sadly, Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short were not there, but there was a girl there at the table next to ours who was doing tequila shots. By herself. With her dinner. She was with a friend, but her friend was not drinking. It was incredibly weird, and very entertaining. Also, they were talking about Futurama for some reason. Yeah, we eavesdropped. What, you got a problem with that? I thought not. After dinner we went back to Joe's apartment and watched Edward Scissorhands, which Joe had never seen and which we both thoroughly enjoyed.

This afternoon I had a pile of laundry on my bed, and Phoebe curled up into a ball in the middle of it, and it was adorable, and Phoebe doesn't do adorable things very often (usually she just pees on your bed and then looks at you like you were asking for it), so I took a picture of that, too. If you're good I'll share it with you. Okay, you're good, I'll share it.


See? Adorable. It's moments like that that I feel bad for constantly hating her, but I only do it because I know she constantly hates me, too. We have a good relationship. Also, Joe and I have been dating for five months and two days. So yay for that.

Happy Sunday, Internets.


Abigail said...

Joe, very impressive.

Also, I may have done tequila shots with dinner before.

Julie G. said...
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Julie G. said...

So, Joe. What made you decide on the tickle fight rather than the pillow fight?

heather! anne! said...

This is actually one of the most amazing impersonations I've ever seen in my life.

Stephanie said...

You know, if I wasn't told it was Joe and not Jennie, I probably wouldn't have guessed.

Also, Phoebe is cute, and you should hate yourself for constantly hating her. Just FYI.

Tamara Garvey said...

was this REALLY not jennie writing?? i sort of don't believe you.

eclectic said...

Yeah, Joe's amazing, blah de blah de bloo bloo... but nobody has answered my question about what to get my kids for CHRISTMAS! Guitar Hero, OR, Rock Band? Joe, Jennie, anybody?

Jennie! said...

Hee! to all.

Shari, I will blog about that today and you shall have your answer!

mysterygirl! said...

I love both pictures. Jennie!, you look so pleasant strumming that guitar!