Sunday, November 9, 2008

bloo dee bloo bloo

Every time I turn on TV Land, Third Rock from the Sun is on. It's bizarre. Isn't TV Land only supposed to show, like, I Love Lucy 24 hours a day?

I made up for all my productivity yesterday, what with the book-buying and the working out and the showering, by doing absolutely nothing today. I did manage to shower, but only because I'm supposed to go to dinner with Joe and his parents and a bit, and I didn't want to smell like booze.

The bachelorette party ended up being more bachelorette-y than we'd initially expected. The bride had said she didn't want to be out really late, so Heidi and I were expecting to be home somewhat early. This didn't happen, and as Heidi and I were halfway through our second pitcher, we realized that neither one of us could drive us back home. And so . . .

Joe to the rescue! Seriously, if anyone has any doubts that Joe is the nicest guy ever, he proved you wrong last night. You jerk. He drove 35 minutes to go pick us up at our old college bar, which was quickly turning into dance party central (there was even a line outside . . . and if you've seen this bar, you know how ridiculous that is), and then he drove us home while Heidi and I talked and giggled constantly (and loudly) the entire ride back.

I'm pretty sure Joe and I had this conversation a couple of times:

Me: Do I smell like smoke?
Joe: No, you smell like booze.
Me: So I don't smell like smoke?
Joe: No. You definitely smell like alcohol.
Me: Good. You're sure I don't smell like smoke?

So you see why showering was so important today. Now I should probably go get dressed. Bye, Internets. I hope you're having a good weekend.


Stephanie said...

perhaps you smelled like smoke AND booze?

Fraulein N said...

Oh good, I thought it was just me but Third Rock From the Sun actually is on now ALL DAY LONG.

Tamara Garvey said...

Oh, I hate it when you wake up from a night of boozing and your hair and pillow reek of smoke. Instant headache!

Smelling like booze, though, is cool.

/brandon\ said...

i read this too fast and saw his answer as NO YOU SMELL LIKE BOOBS.

either way, yes, awesomest guy ever.