Tuesday, November 4, 2008

liveblogging the election: death is not an option

Heidi: Bax. Anderson Cooper or Brian Williams?
Me: Oooh, that's tough. Brian Williams.
Heidi: I'd go Anderson Cooper ... Steve?
Steve: Brian Williams!
Heidi: Um, no. Katie Couric or Campbell Brown?

So, Steve went gay. And then Joe made inappropriate comments about Soledad O'Brien and Campbell Brown mud-wrestling. Naked.

Steve: Best. Election Night. Ever.


Abigail said...

Anderson! Anderson!

S said...

Brian Williams and Campbell Brown, even if she is knocked up right now. Oooh, a Brian Williams/Campbell Brown baby. That would be a pretty, political kid!

You can call me, 'Sir' said...

Soledad O'Brien has that certain something that drives men wild. I think it might be the Soledad in her first name. So hott.

S said...

I posted my comment too quickly. Are you psyched that Ohio was called like a minute ago?!

Jennie! said...

Heidi would like to point out that Soledad has very pretty eyes, whether they are enhanced by contacts or not.