Friday, November 21, 2008

It's a good day, too. I'm wearing my mustard shirt.

OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS, I'm so excited. I wish work was over. Unfortunately, it's not. Not even close. But whatever, we have beloved friends visiting tonight and there will be food and drinking and FUN, but hopefully no bar fights*.

Did you know it snowed yesterday? Well, it snowed yesterday and everyone forgot how to drive. Heidi explained to me that it's because a lot of people in Ohio are Republicans and Republicans are bad drivers. I never knew I was a Republican. Zing! Anyway.

Last night, while I was waiting for Heidi to get home, I did a bit of cleaning for our guests. Nothing extravagant like cleaning the bathroom (crazy), but vacuuming and cleaning Phoebe's litter box so it didn't smell like poo. Did I tell you I bought Phoebe a fancy, new litter box? It's one of those that has a little walkway and it's all inside an igloo, because I was tired of seeing her poo. Because, see, she doesn't always cover it up very well. Wow, anyway. I bought her this new one and I think she was really confused, because for a while, she wouldn't use it. So I took the lid off of it for a couple of days and then she used it and then I put the lid back on, but I wasn't sure if she was using it because she's not very smart. Maybe she just thought if the lid was on, the place to poo went away. You will never believe how happy I was yesterday when I lifted the lid and saw a bunch of turds. Joe called soon afterward and I was all, "Guess what! Phoebe pooped in her litter box!" and he was like, "Great, I just called to tell you about the CD I just found OK bye!"

You know, I think that's the greatest story I've ever told on a blog EVER. Speaking of blogging, today marks my fifth anniversary of blogging. Not just on this blog, though. Also here and here. Good times. Oh, shit, I guess it was yesterday. Oops.

Where was I? OK, so I cleaned a bit. Not as much as I should have. This is what we did last night instead of cleaning our apartment for our beloved friends:

  • went to Starbucks and got hot chocolate (OH MY GOD YUM)
  • went to Target, where I spent a bajillion dollars on toiletries and such
  • went to Papa Murphy's to use a coupon and buy delicious pizza
  • discussed a text message to send a boy
  • watched 30 Rock
  • watched Ugly Betty
  • watched The Office
  • watched more 30 Rock
  • oh, and planted seeds for a tiny Christmas tree
tiny Christmas tree

Target Dollar Spot strikes again! I hope it grows big and strong by Christmas. Joe made fun of me (standard) for buying a tiny Christmas tree, but when Heidi and I are rich because of our Christmas tree farm, he's gonna be so jealous.

*fun fact: I found this entry by searching my blog posts for "bar police mom"


heather! anne! said...

Oh, Happy Blog-Day! 5 years! Crazy!

Jennie! said...


mysterygirl! said...

Happy Blog-i-versary! And I can't wait to see you and Heidi build up a miniature Christmas tree army.

Tam said...

I want a tiny tree too, but mine will be called a chanukkah bush (Athough Jews seriously frown upon that term. SERIOUSLY. FROWN.)

Also, Miss Har has a pooh Igloo as well. She doesn't cover the poops either, but she always uses her FIV as an excuse and I always yell this: NO HARLEIGH, STOP USING YOUR DAMN KITTY AIDS AS AN EXCUSE FOR YOUR STUPIDITY AND LAZINESS!
True. Story.

peefer said...

That WAS the greatest story you ever told. But I can't believe you really went to Papa Murphy's to use a condom and buy delicious pizza. Happy B-Day!

Jennie! said...

mg! Thank you. When the Christmas Tree revolution starts, you will be spared.

Tam, Phoebe doesn't even have FIV. She really has no excuse.

Peefer, thanks! Stop spreading condom rumors about me.

Joe G. said...

Is a chanukkah bush different from a gentile bush?

Not that I really care. I'm just. Y'know. Curious. Maybe I'll Google it.

....oh, that's not safe for work at all.

Tam said...

yeah the word "BUSH" can bring up all kinds of silly things anatomical, political and otherwise. All mostly not related to Judaism... or actual shrubbery.

Fumbling Towards Adulthood said...

Tiny trees bring me so much joy! I am very excited for yours. And now that I'm amongst the living in the blogosphere of the Internets again, I'll be sure to stop back for updates. :)

(I totally thought that the picture you posted was of a cup of chili, though, upon first glance. Maybe I'm hungry?)

Stephanie said...

OOOH! Mini Christmas tree! I don't even like Christmas, but I'm all about Target Dollar Spot.

Also, you vacuumed Phoebe's litter box? That's disgusting.