Saturday, November 8, 2008

I want to live in Effington

I feel like I've been so productive today. And it's only three! What other productivity lies in store for me today? No one knows! Except I do. Here is what I've done so far:
  • Went to the market for breakfast
  • Went to a book fair
  • Got my hair cut
  • Worked out
  • showered
OK, I'm working on the shower. And later! Lampl, Heidi, and I will venture to our old stomping grounds to partake in beer! And possibly shots! Because it's a bachelorette party, and there always seem to be shots there. Also penises. And after that, who knows.

The market was way fun. We had pancakes and coffee. See:


The pancakes were free! With donation, anyway. Which is basically free. Then we saw a guy spinning pots. See:

potter guy

It was very cool and I could have stood there all day and watched him, only then I wouldn't have gotten anything else done.

Then. THEN we went to the book fair. You guys, it was in this giant auditorium filled with tables! And the tables were filled with books! I would have taken a picture, only at first I was too excited and after a while my arms were too full of books to get my phone out. I sort of want to go back, because I feel like I missed buying a bunch of stuff I should probably buy. Like, right now I'm regretting not buying all of those old Berenstein Bears books. Sigh.


scott said...

Sounds like an effing ton of fun. Also penises.

(Is it penes? Does it matter? Who needs more than one at a time anyway, now that gay marriage is illegal.)

Hello, Jennie.

Stephanie said...

Mm, free pancakes.

Tam said...

PP bookfair is amazing. I do xmas shopping there every year. And and 100% of the money helps kill babies right? (ugh!) Also it's run by 90 year-old women who think that $1 for a brand new book is asking too much. Thank you elderly-who-ignore-inflation. Peace out.