Tuesday, November 4, 2008

liveblogging the election: I am obnoxious

Conversations with my mother: email edition

Me: Are you aware that both of your daughters voted for Obama today?
Mom: Yes, I feel SOOO honored.
Me: You should! Was the line at your precinct long?
Mom: Yeah! Your dad and I waited an hour first thing this AM and the precinct across from my work is CRAZY!
Me: That’s insane. Heidi voted early on Saturday and waited for four hours. I thought that’d mean that today wouldn’t be as busy but I guess not!
Mom: Nope, that’s kind of what I thought too but it is not proving to be true! Have you voted yet?
Me: Yeah, I took my lunch early and went around 11. It was really busy there, but my precinct must be one of the smaller ones because there wasn’t much of a line.
Mom: Well, good, I guess! Even though you voted for Obama.
Me: I couldn’t vote for McCain in case he dies. Palin scares me.
Mom: Really, and Biden doesn’t?
Me: Nope. I want Palin to stay out of my uterus and my business.
Mom: No, kiddo, tell me how you REALLY feel!
Me: I don’t like her. The end. Heidi and I made chili for tonight. It’s a healthy recipe that we’re making in the crock pot. I’ll let you know how it turns out.
Mom: Okay, if it's good, you are REQUIRED to share the recipe!
Me: Well, I know you use ground turkey, and black beans instead of kidney beans, and those green chile things. And some other stuff, too.
Mom: That is so helpful dear!
Me: What, you need more details?
Mom: Ya think!?!?!

More details: here.


mysterygirl! said...

My dad and I have been having similar conversations this election season. Yay for being obnoxious to our parents! Because they have to love us no matter what!

One of my parents voted McCain and the other voted Obama, so now they live in a little purple house in Indiana. :) If Obama somehow wins there, possibly the reddest state in the nation, I might throw a parade. You should come. There will be a marching band.

Cousin Candice said...

dude. be as obnoxious as you want. it took me 3 minutes to read that post and another 3 to write this EQUALS, 6 minutes less of actual work. wooo

My parents never registered their new address (it's been 2 years, I kept telling them) so I'm the only one that voted. YAY blue house in GA!

You can call me, 'Sir' said...

I'd planned on making chili tonight, too. Get out of my head, Jennie!

Stephanie said...

Dude, my whole house is blue. Your parents are bad. But it's OK. They lost. :D

srah said...

You're so calm about Sarah Palin. I could not stop ranting about how much I hate her. Now I have nearly forgotten who she is. Back to obscurity with you, Palin!