Sunday, May 18, 2008

D is for delightful, and try and keep your trousers on

I had my hair professionally done for the wedding (reception, whatever) yesterday. It's still up. Yes, I still have wedding hair. I'm trying to work up the strength to take it down, because there are approximately 87 bobby pins in my hair right now. Also, probably an entire can of hair spray.

I know I had a really, really good time because I did not take a single picture. Not even of the hot dog bar. The only time I forget to take pictures is when I am having a ridiculously good time. Well, and sometimes I'm too lazy to get my camera out and ANYWAY, everyone else took a million and a half pictures so I'll just steal those. Good plan.

The party ended around 2 last night, we caught the shuttle to our hotel, and then we broke open the wine that the bride and groom left in our room (party favor) and stayed up until I don't know when. I woke up this morning to the hotel phone ringing. I croaked a hello and whoever it was said, "oh, wrong room," AND THEN the phone rang again later and I was all, "what?" and they said, "oh, were you sleeping?" It was weird. Then it rang two more times and I picked up the phone and hung up without saying anything. At the time, I thought the lobby was just calling the wrong room, but now I'm wondering if it was one of our hotel neighbors getting their revenge for us being loud and obnoxious when we got back last night.

THEN, I had to get up and look presentable for brunch at 10 AM. It was rough. After brunch, I had a family function and that is why I still have wedding hair. I'm sorry this made no sense, but I am way tired and need about a week to recuperate. The end.


mysterygirl! said...

At least you got up in time for the brunch. You should be commended! (This comes from someone who knows firsthand about conspicuously missing the brunch. Heh.) And wedding hair is awesome-- I bet that when you take down the bobby pins, half of it won't move. It will be spectacular.

Hopefully this marathon of The Office is helping to ease your recovery. Take a chance on me, Jennie!

Jennie! said...

I just took out all the bobby pins. I sort of look like Albert Einstein.

Tam said...

I am so glad you had fun, can't wait for DETAILS!

Tam said...
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Jennie! said...

Sorry, Tam, I don't think there are going to be the kind of details you're hoping for.