Monday, May 19, 2008

Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!

I don't know if it was the heels I wore Saturday night or all the dancing, or some combination of the two, but my legs feel like I ran about 12 marathons, all in a row. Every time I stand up, I do an old lady limp before my calves loosen up for me to walk like a normal person. The good part about this is I'm planning on using my pathetic, sore legs as an excuse not to go running tonight. Score!

I did manage to remove all the bobby pins from my hair last night. There weren't 87 of them, like I originally thought, only about 30. I took before and after pictures, for your enjoyment. Because if I don't post embarrassing pictuers of myself on the Internets, who will?


wedding hair



Heidi said I looked like Albert Einstein, but I think I look more like a Dr. Seuss character. But! I forgot to tell you about the bartender at the wedding. When we got to the country club, I immediately went to check out the bar (what?) and when I saw the bartender, I ran back over to everyone else and was all, "OHMYGODYOUGUYS, go look at the bartender! LOOK LOOK LOOK!" and they did and then looked back at me like, "wtf are you so excited about, psycho?" and I said, "THE BARTENDER LOOKS JUST LIKE ALBERT EINSTEIN OH MY GOD," because he DID look just like Albert Einstein. As if the hot dog bar weren't enough, Nancy and Wayne managed to resurrect Uncle Albert. Best. Wedding. Ever.


heather! anne! said...

Of course, Uncle Albert is a bartender. It makes so much sense!

Jennie! said...

Well, sure, think of the amazing drinks he'd think of.

mysterygirl! said...

You and the bartender = two Einsteins in one weekend! That's pretty remarkable. I hope you left your hair that way-- I think it's kind of fun.

Grad School Reject said...

From my chat with Mysterygirl!:

GSR: did you see Jennie!'s before/after pics?

mg: i did! awesome.

GSR: i'm trying to find a way to say "you look like medusa - only hot" but it just doesn't come out right

mg: haha - i think that would work

Jennie! said...

mg! do you think maybe Albert the Bartender was my soulmate?

GSR, haha! Sometimes I do wish I could turn people to stone.

/brandon\ said...

awesome photos