Friday, May 16, 2008

Damn you, Andy Bernard!

My thoughts on The Office: WHAT A TEASE. Also. OH MY GOD DWANGELA.

That is all. Last night, I got to work getting stuff ready for this weekend. This WEDDING weekend, if you will. Only minus the wedding. You see, Nancy and Wayne (Wancy) are already married, so Saturday is just the reception. Jimmy Buffett might be there. Probably not though. But there's a VERY SLIGHT CHANCE.

After I went running and sort of packed but not really, I remembered that, although a professional is in charge of my hair, I have to do my own makeup on Saturday. Yikes. So I decided to do a test run, but I probably should not have had all that wine beforehand. I know absolutely nothing about applying makeup, so I'm hoping that on Saturday someone takes pity on me and just does it for me. That would be ideal. If not, I might end up looking like a clown or, you know, not wearing any makeup at all.

Unfortunately, I was told there WILL be chicken-dancing at the reception, but that's a small price to pay for the HOT DOG BAR. You guys, I wish I could tell you just how excited I am to see this thing. I'll probably take more pictures of that than anything else. Well, depending on how big it is. That's what she said. I'm a little worried about my dress, though. It's strapless, and even though I'll be zipped up so tight in it I might not be able to breathe, I'm afraid someone is going to trip and grab my dress and BOOM there I've gone and flashed the entire room. I'm not ready for that kind of exposure.

Anyway, my bridesmaid duties begin at 6 o'clock sharp (ok, sharpish) this evening and don't end until Sunday at noon, at which point I'll be heading to my cousin's confirmation party, so I'll be away from my computer ALL WEEKEND. I'm starting to hyperventilate a little just thinking about it. I thought about trying to bring my laptop so I could hang out with the internet while we were getting ready and stuff, but I think Nancy might kill me. My plans to bring a book were already thwarted, but I'm sneaking one anyway:

Me: Do you think Nancy'd be mad if I brought a book on Saturday?
Heidi: Um, yes?
Me: Really?
Heidi: . . . uh, YEAH, I think she'd be pissed if you read a book at her reception.
Me: Nooooo, not at the RECEPTION, just like while we're getting ready.
Heidi: Ooooooh.
Me: Yeah, just look for me at the corner table behind the hot dog bar . . . I'll be the one with my nose stuck in a book.
Heidi: That would not be good.
Me: No, but you think I can bring a book to read during the day?
Heidi: Oh. Yeah, you'd better not.
Me: But . . .
Heidi: No.

Happy weekend, Internets.