Monday, June 9, 2008

IT'S SO DAMN HOT. Milk was a bad choice.

I usually have a tough time falling to sleep on Sunday nights (see also: all other nights), due to a combination of sleeping in on Sunday morning, drinking too much caffeine all day, and the general laziness of Sundays that involves, um, lying on the sofa watching movies on cable. However, I have discovered the secret to getting the BEST night of sleep EVER on a Sunday night:

1. Get up at a decent hour (i.e. before noon).
2. Instead of lying around all day, get dressed up in tea party clothes.
3. Go to tea party and be nice, sociable person (this is exhausting). Try not to make any inappropriate jokes for a couple of hours (this is also exhausting).
4. Do computer research (i.e. surf Facebook, Google Reader, etc.)
5. Go running in the SWELTERING HEAT.
6. Take shower.
7. Read a good book.
8. SLEEP*.

It should go without saying (so I'm going to say it anyway), but your air conditioning should be turned on. Did I mention the SWELTERING HEAT? Because the heat? It is sweltering. Whatever. Swelter on, heat, I will totally harness the power of the AC and KILL YOU DEAD.

*BONUS #9 - read this blog because, dude, BORING


mysterygirl! said...

The heat is good for lazy-making. I could barely get out of bed this morning. Thank goodness for obnoxious telemarketers who call at stupid hours.

Tam said...

I am glad you acted like a sociable person - did you hear my mom drop the f-bomb at the tea party. Yeah I think it was in relation to my jewish naked bath too. I wish I had a camera for the look on people's faces when she said it. Uhh, sweet mom. Oh well.

Jennie! said...

mg! I think if it's over 90 degrees, work should be canceled.

tam! before you got there, she was talking about your makeup and she kept saying, "I bet she looks like a WHORE." It was hilarious.

Tam said...

omg its too embarassing to be embarrased!

vahid said...

Are you interested in a trade? It's fifty degrees and raining in the northwest.

Jennie! said...

Yes, please! At least for a couple days.