Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Chah-lie bit me.

I used the lotion I won at the tea party this morning. Now I smell like pink grapefruit. JEALOUS?

Last night, a bug flew in my eye while I was running. IT REALLY HURT. It's since been evicted, but my eyeball still hurts and now I'm worried I have a weird bug-eye disease.

Also, last night, Heidi and I went downtown to scope out some venues for Tamara's bachelorette party. One place serves wine and LOTS OF IT. I really hope we go there. Mostly, because it's within walking distance of a bunch of other bars and junk and bars and junk are really what you want for a bachelorette party. I don't know why we don't go downtown more often. It's not like downtown Dayton can compete with, um, any other cities, but there's stuff to do. FOR INSTANCE, Uno's pizza is down there and while that's not really something to DO, it's something to EAT, and that's almost as good. I don't know what I'm saying, so I'm going to stop now.

So we ate some Uno's pizza last night, which is why we felt compelled to go running, because there are approximately 800 calories in one bite of Uno's pizza. But it's worth it because it's SO GOOD, you guys. You know what, though? There are some freaky ass statues downtown. Like, they're made of bronze or whatever you make statues out of (not chocolate), but they're wearing REAL CLOTHES. They are, and I quote, "creepy as fuck." I just quoted myself. Is that weird?

Tomorrow, I'm dog-sitting for my aunt and uncle FOR OVER A WEEK. Dude, Jennie, lay off the Caps Lock. Anyway, they're going to California or something, and since dog's aren't self-sufficient like cats and babies, they need someone to feed them. So prepare for this blog to explode with crazy for the next week and a half, because I won't be able to spew my verbal diarrhea at Heidi. Wow, that's a disgusting image. I'm sorry.


Heidi said...

Her birthday party? Are you drinking at work again? Also, those clothes on the statues weren't real, they were painted on. So stop taking acid.

Jennie! said...

Oops, I changed that. But those clothes WERE real! I swear. That's why I thought they were real people at first.

You can call me, 'Sir' said...

...bars and junk are really what you want for a bachelorette party.

So, are you using word 'junk' to describe 'stuff' or 'man tackle'? Because I could see you using it for either definition, such is your versatility with the language and the fact that you're apparently taking acid.

mysterygirl! said...

My random comment of the day is that I love the smell of grapefruit. I have a grapefruit shampoo and a shower gel, and it makes the morning happier.

Hope your eye feels better.

Jennie! said...

Sir, I'm sure there will be junk and junk at this bachelorette party. Maybe acid, too, who knows?

mg! I never knew grapefruit smelled so good. I'm afraid to eat them because it might squirt in my eye.

kat! said...

i can't say chah-lie bit me without cracking up in hysterics.

just thought i'd mention it.

Jennie! said...

ME NEITHER. I spent most of last night saying, "OUCH, CHAH-LIE!" and then giggling until I couldn't breathe.

Tam said...

Ellen had that video on her show too, it was so funny.

My bachlorette party is going to be off the hook with you guys planning it! Can't wait!!