Tuesday, July 6, 2010

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It's a terrible shock to hear the alarm go off after a four day weekend. I mean, it's a terrible shock most days to hear the alarm go off, but even moreso after a vacation, short as it was.

But alas, this morning the alarm went off and, after only one snooze, I dragged my protesting body out of bed. I can't really complain too much, even though that is my first natural impulse, because I'm only working three days this week. I know. I'll shut up now.

Anyway. I took last Friday off of work, supposedly in order to be productive but I think the only productivity I managed was doing a load or two of laundry. I also finished Ender's Game, though, so I think that counts.

I somehow talked Joe into going to SICSA on Saturday. I'm still not sure how I did it OMG just kidding, I just whined a lot until he drove there. We got there before it opened and I was real quick like, "LET'S TAKE A WALK UNTIL THEY OPEN," in case Joe was thinking it was a SIGN or something that they weren't open yet.

I just wanted to look at the puppies, I said, not get one. I told him it was like when you want to buy a new computer or camera or something and you go to a couple stores and read about them online before you actually buy one. Except that is not what I do. I decide one day that I want a computer/camera/cheesecake and then I just go get one. Usually I do some speedy research online, but still, when I've decided I want something it's after lots and lots of thinking about it and so at that point DON'T CARE HOW I WANT IT NOW.

Ahem. We did not, in fact, end up getting a puppy but it wasn't because there weren't any adorable dogs because there were lots of adorable dogs. Actually, they were all adorable. I can't stop thinking about this sweet, little dog named Kopek. He was five and he was missing an eye, and as we stood in front of his cage, he sat there so politely, just looking at us and wagging his tail while the other dogs barked for attention and I have to stop talking about him now or I'm going to have to go back there and get him ASAP.

The rest of the weekend was mostly spent on getting our wedding invites ready to print and I am proud to say that they are. I like to tell myself it was a team effort because I came up with the wording, but since I just mainly copied it from the Internets and Joe designed the rest, I will admit that he did most of the work.

I went to the pool twice and, to my utter astonishment, did NOT get horribly sunburnt, maybe because I was smart (for once) and limited my pool time to about an hour and a half. My pale, pasty skin is a tiny bit less pale and pasty so I no longer look like my mother and grandmother have had me locked in the attic for four years. Is it weird that I just made a VC Andrews reference? I can't help it. I read the shit out of some VC Andrews when I was a kid. She and Stephen King (and Christopher Pike and RL Stine) shaped my brain at a very impressionable age, which I think explains a lot about why I am the way that I am and why am I talking about my brain right now? I have no idea but I will add that today is Tuesday but feels like Monday but also like Wednesday because I'm not working on Friday and my brain is confused so that is why nothing I'm saying right now makes any sense the end bye bye.


kat said...

I will add that today is Tuesday but feels like Monday but also like Wednesday because I'm not working on Friday and my brain is confused so that is why nothing I'm saying right now makes any sense the end bye bye.

I feel EXACTLY the same way today. It's kinda the worst.

mysterygirl! said...

OMG, Kopek! He sounds awesome.

And I feel like I've failed in not blaming more of my oddness on V.C. Andrews, because I read a ton of her books back in the day.

Kiti said...

Flowers in the Attic. Ugh! Sorry if you are a fan, because that book beats out even Lord of the Flies as the most awful thing I've ever read. By awful, I don't mean poorly written, but rather that thematically, it presented the depravity of the human condition in a manner that I was not, at that time, prepared to experience. And it's not as if I grew up in shiny-perky suburbia, untouched by the evils of the world. Maybe that was the problem-- I couldn't distance myself from the darkness. ANYHOW, I'm wondering how long you'll be able to hold out against the puppy power of adorableness. I can't get a dog until I have a house with a yard.

Heidi said...

I thought of you because we saw Zombieland and thought "this is what Bax's brain looks like".
The end

Jennie said...

kat, plus it's all hot and stuff and that doesn't help.

mg! me too! I don't know why I was even allowed, though, because they were not appropriate, not even a little.

Kiti, I told myself I can't get a dog until after the wedding, because I don't want it to be lonely when we're on our honeymoon.

Heidi, I loved that movie and yes, that is exactly what my brain looks like.