Friday, July 16, 2010

big fun

I haven't written about the wedding we went to last weekend because I caught the plague or something and haven't had the energy to sit up, let alone type and entertain you people WHY WON'T YOU LET ME REST? Actually, I'm fine, other than not being able to breathe out of both nostrils at the same time but that's more bothersome than anything else. I wish I could stop taking medicine, though, I don't like it. It's making me make less sense than usual. I took some Benadryl earlier, on top of cough medicine, which I'm sure is fine (RIGHT?), and I was all, "Ripley takes this medicine," and Joe was like, whaaa, because Ripley is my parents' dog and he was all, "are you taking dog medicine?" and I said, "no, Ripley takes people medicine...for her allergies...because she's SENSITIVE." And then I laughed maniacally for like five minutes straight and it was...well, it was weird.

Anyway, so we went to a wedding last weekend. One of my college friends got married, which meant a bunch of OTHER college friends were there. This is why weddings are good, it's an excuse to have mini-reunions every year. I'm not quite sure what will happen once we're all married, though, but I think we have a few more years of wedding-reunions left oh my god what am I talking about?

The wedding was in Cleveland, so we drove up Friday night because we didn't want to rush around on Saturday trying to make it on time. Which meant we had time to kill. So we went to a toy store called Big Fun.

OH. EM. GEE. It was like my childhood THREW UP all over this store. At first I wasn't that impressed because, I don't know, sometimes I resist having fun. I don't know why. Then I saw the Little People set up they had and I wanted to buy all of them but I resisted. They were the old Little People, not the stupid new ones. And they had My Little Ponies and the My Little Pony FREAKING CASTLE and Rainbow Brite and her horse whatever it's name was and Sprites and a Huggabunch doll (creepy as hell, you guys) and Dozers and and a Dennis Miller doll (WHAT?) and a bunch of Peewee's Playhouse stuff, including a Peewee lunchbox that I coveted so hard.

My point is, I want to go back. We're going to another wedding in Cleveland in a few weeks but I'm not sure we'll have time. You see, the house from A Christmas Story is also up there, and the kid (guy) who played Randy is leading the tours this month AND HOW CAN WE NOT GO TO THAT?


Ashley said...

You're taking Benadryl for a cold? Isn't that just for allergies? It makes me fall asleep while standing.

I highly recommend Afrin even though it's addictive after three days. But you don't even know you're sick because HELLO OPEN SINUS PASSAGES.

Never That Easy said...

I'm sorry you have a cold - feel better soon! That store seems like something that would turn into a major time suck for me. I'd make trips just to find the Sylvanian Family dolls my sisters took or to see what the boy elf's name was in the Herself the Elf dolls.