Friday, July 30, 2010

i'm sensitive and i'd like to stay that way

Yeah, I just quoted Jewel. So? I loved the shit out of Jewel in high school. What, I can have layers.

My point is this: I don't have one. But seriously, folks, I know I say a lot that I'm a robot with no feelings but for a robot with no feelings, I can get awful weepy sometimes.

So we picked out our songs for the weddings, right? You know the ones. The first dance and father/daughter and mother/son songs. TRADITION. Or whatever. Joe hasn't picked out the mother/son song yet. It's really hard (twss) to pick out songs for the father/daughter and mother/son dances that don't sound kind of creepy and really inappropriate. Anyway, since I'm the weepy type, I'm a little worried that I will spend most of the wedding day fighting off tears. I'm trying to combat this by listening to the first dance and father/daughter songs over and over to desensitize myself to them. I just started this project and so far it's not really working, which is why I almost started crying in the car this morning while listening to the father/daughter song and then I was all, "Suck it up, Baxla, PLAY LIKE A CHAMPION."

In other wedding news, the fake mustaches were delivered yesterday. It was actually a pretty good mail day. Joe got some toys, I got the mustaches and a bag of 400 Scrabble tiles (don't ask), we got some more RSVPs, and our first wedding present. Wheeeeeeeee! Anyway, I was so, so excited for the mustaches, you guys, and they look SO GOOD. I sort of hope not everyone takes one at the reception so there are some leftover and I can keep them and take them to parties and people will be like, "who is that sassy girl with the mustache?" and I'll be like, "it's me, bitches!" only not really because that's not very nice. Anyway. When Joe got home, I greeted him at the door like THIS which is probably kind of scary to see first thing when you walk through the door but oh well. And then this happened:

Me: I took a picture of myself with a fake mustache and put it on Facebook!
Joe: Haha, nice.
Me: It's pretty much the first thing I did after I opened the box.
Joe: Well, of course.
Me: I mean, what else would a perso do?
Joe: It's true, I think the order goes: get fake mustache, find camera, take picture, Facebook.
Me: Truth.

I don't think it happened exactly like that but I can't remember. Can you blame me? My brain is all fuzzy from fake mustache joy.


mysterygirl! said...

I never would have known that that was a Jewel line had you not drawn it to my attention.

Fake mustaches are pretty much the most awesome thing. I'm glad you have photodocumented their arrival.

Ashley said...

I know this should probably be obvious, but why do you have fake mustaches?

Jennie said...

They're for the reception. I want everyone to look ridiculous in as many pictures as possible.

srah said...

Yay mustaches!

Kiti said...

Dear Jennie and Joe,

Please provide a live streaming video feed of your wedding. That would be so utterly awesome. Also, did you put booze on your registry?

The Internet

P.S. Jewel is okay, very mid-late '90s, and nostalgia is IN for weddings this season.

Never That Easy said...

I agree with Kiti - I don't think I've ever looked forward to a wedding (that I am not going to) as much as this one. Jennie - don't worry about crying: It's all part of the day. And people in mustaches will be there to cheer you up!

Stephanie said...

Wedding mustaches? I heart you times a million for that.

joven said...

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