Thursday, July 29, 2010

mystery solved

I posted yesterday about a movie where this happens:

The part I remember is of this family in a car and they're stuck in a traffic jam. At night. Of course it's at night. Anyway, there are two or three little girls sitting in the backseat and the one sitting in the middle is asleep. The other little girl(s) are all giggly and play a prank on the sleeping girl by tying her shoelaces together. Well, then they get in a terrible car accident and the sleeping girl (whose name might have been Jennifer, now that I think about it) can't get out of the car in time (because of her shoelaces being tied together) and the car like explodes and she dies, and the other little girl feels guilty forever the end.

I Googled it today and apparently it was from a made for TV movie called Don't Go To Sleep. That came out in 1982. I'm not sure how I saw it because I was a baby in 1982. So either the network reaired it years later, my parents taped it and then made me watch it when my sister was born so I'd never play that prank on her, or I saw it when I was a baby and I have super memory skills.


Ashley said...

I'm thinking it's probably the first thing, but if it's the last, you were practically a superbaby.

Joe G. said...

Don't Go To Sleep! What a great title. Because if you do go to sleep, your friends might tie your shoelaces together and then you'll die!

"And THAT'S why you don't go to sleep!"