Wednesday, August 12, 2009

hey, guess what

I'm at work right now! Fun times. I have to be here now because 3rd shift has to take this training, too, and like, the only time they're here is 3RD SHIFT. Go figure. So here I sit, yawning my arse off, waiting for the next session to start. There are three of them tonight, and I'm supposed to be finished about 1:30, but I'm shooting for 1. That's in two hours. TWO HOURS. Zzzzzzzzzz. I'm not made to stay up that late on school nights. NO SIR.

Plus, also, I met Joe for dinner before I had to go to the training and something I ate gave me some wicked bad twosies. I'm sorry if that's too graphic for you. Actually, no, I'm not. This is a safe place and I should be allowed to talk about wicked bad twosies if I need to. So, yeah, that happened and then I was all, "WHY TONIGHT? WHYYYYY?" because SERIOUSLY? WHY TONIGHT? I have to talk in front of people and sound like I know what I'm talking about and really all I'm thinking is, "gee, I hope that Immodium keeps working, otherwise this could get really embarrassing."

And then Joe was like, "is anyone else going to be there with you?" and I was like, "um, yeah, all the guys I'm training," and he was all, "so just you and a bunch of guys?" and I was like, "yeeeeaaaaaah, so?" and he was like, "maybe I should go with you and protect you," and I said, "hello, there's a security guard who will totally come save me if anything bad happens," except when I got here the security guard was on his phone but it's OK because I made friends with some engineer dude in the office who is here for some reason really late and I know I can trust him because my dad is an engineer. It's also his birthday. My dad, not my new engineer friend. Happy Birthday, Dad!

Wow, I think it's time for me to go get ready for the next session now. And maybe get some fresh air. And some Diet Coke.

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