Wednesday, January 14, 2009

somebody needs some hot chocolate (psst, it's me)

Wii Fit yelled at me again yesterday. A couple of times. First it was all, "what, you didn't have time to work out yesterday?" Fuck you, Wii Fit! I got up BEFORE WORK and let Jillian Michaels try and kill me! Suck it!

Ahem. I only got on Wii Fit to see how much I weighed, because when Heidi, Joe, and I played the other night, I didn't want them to know my weight (which . . . who cares?), so I hid it! I hid it forever! So I weighed myself again and it turned out I'd lost a pound. Here's the thing, losing that one pound moved me from "overweight" to "normal." Awesome. However, the other day when Wii Fit told me I had to make a goal, I said I'd lose a pound in two weeks, because I like to set my goals HIGH. Wii Fit, apparently, does not seem to realize that this was a ridiculous goal, so it told me to be careful and not push myself too hard because I'd already reached my goal after just TWO DAYS. Wii Fit is kind of stupid. Maybe that's why it's so mean. It's all, "I may be dumb, but at least I'm not fat, FATTY." Anyway, good news, everyone! On Sunday, Wii Fit told me I was 36 (yeah) but yesterday I was 20. I caught Benjamin Button disease and it's awesome.

Have you noticed it's really cold? Here anyway. It's like negative a billion degrees which is COLD for those of you who live in places that are not Ohio. Or other cold places. Like, there are people in our Florida office that call me sometimes and they're all, "it's SOOOOOOOO cold here," and I'm like, "yeah?" and they're like, "OMG it's only 50 right now," and then I yell at them to DIE DIE DIE and I smash my phone into a million pieces. Then I have to call IT to replace my phone and they're like, "Jennie, this is your fourth phone this week, what is going on?" and all I can tell them is that maybe they should have my phone block Florida numbers. True story.


mysterygirl! said...

Wii Fit should also caution you on reverse-aging too fast. Maybe you should slow down.

kat! said...

this might be my favorite post ever. hee.

Abigail said...

I'm with Kat.

We went to my friend's house the other night and played Wii Fit and a) it kept trying to tell her she was obese which was a lie, and b) i didn't really feel like it was making me fit. I mean, it congratulation her (us) for doing 30 exercise minutes, but it wasn't very much more exercise than just sitting.

I have a feeling Rock Band is way more aerobic.

Ashley said...

Wii Fit yells at me all the time because I set two week goals for myself and then don't get on it for three months.

Jennie! said...

mg! I know! At this rate, I won't even make it to my goal day.

kat! this might be my most incoherent post ever.

Abs, I know what you mean. I don't really feel like I'm doing anything when I use the Wii Fit. Although, maybe if I did more than the Balance exercises, it'd feel more like exercise.

Ashley, I would imagine that that's exactly how I will use the Wii Fit.

Abigail said...

There is a Jillian Michaels game for the WiiFit. It seemed a little more hard core.

I think if I had the Wii Fit (I WANT A WII), I would try to become yoga goddess.

Tam said...

Jillian Michaels game for Wii Fit got TORN-UP in the reviews. Amazon buyers just killed it. Bad graphics, bad cues, bad bad bad.

My Wii Fit keeps asking where Heidi is and I have to tell it she's lazy and hates us and never comes over anymore.

Also, perhaps I missed the results of the penguin contest. And by perhaps I missed it, I meant perhaps you forgot to post them.

S said...

Subzero temps in CT, and I get mad when I talk to our Texas office employees. I feel your pain, at least about the weather.

As for the pain of losing 1 pound in two days (exhausting!), all I can say is I need to invest in a Wii.

eclectic said...

I have a Wii. But not Wii-Fit. Also, the kids hog the Wii, so I don't even have a Mii yet. However, I did go to the gym this week. And now I'm sore. The end.

Heidi said...

Umm Tamara, I'm not lazy thankyouverymuch. I've just been too tired to play. haha