Wednesday, January 28, 2009

holy snow

It's snowing a whole bunch. I was supposed to be at work over an hour ago and that definitely didn't happen. We got a shitload of ice last night and Heidi and I both can't get in our cars because all the doors are frozen shut. We both have ice scrapers but, you know, those are in the car.

So we got all that ice and now is snowing like crazy and I'm really thinking I should not have to go to work at all today. I can't get ahold of anyone in my department, which leads me to believe they're not there either. I don't know why they don't just close the whole building, because the entire county is on a Level 2 snow emergency, which means you shouldn't be out driving unless you really need to be, and I feel as if I really don't need to be on the roads right now. My car is super tiny and not great in the snow (see: super tiny) and is BASICALLY like driving a sled only a sled is easier to steer in the snow because it's supposed to go slip-sliding everywhere but I've heard it's not good for cars to do that. Whoohoo happy fun times!

I should go out and see if I can get my car door open, but it's really cold, you guys. It's so warm in the apartment, and there's coffee and toast with peanut butter on it. Peanut butter!


heather! anne! said...


peefer said...

I just bought new crazy carpets! But they're called something different, like astro-gliders or something.

S said...

You definitely should stay home! Hopefully you did already. It's way more fun to stay home curled up in PJs.

Ashley said...

I second Heather Anne. Slippers and hot chocolate and blankets, and maybe you can make Phoebe sit on your feet. Sometimes I can trick Hal into doing that if I have his favorite stuffed animal.