Saturday, December 6, 2008

Je m'appelle Claude

It's snowing in Chicago. Sort of. We just went to Starbucks and for some reason I saw snow and thought, "hmm, I will wear my Chuck Taylors." Bad idea. Bad. Kat was smart and brought snow boots and luckily Abigail gave us all sweet hats to wear because it is cold here, you guys. So cold. Actually, that's a lie because it's 31 degrees right now and it feels really warm. Because last night it was 8. If that. Anyway, these hats have animal faces on them. Mine is a monkey. I'll show you later because the batteries in my camera died and I haven't gotten any new ones yet. Although, the apartment/suite thing has Ikea batteries but they're the wrong size. Did you know Ikea batteries are yellow? Because they are yellow. Wow, do you want to hear more about the batteries? Cause I could talk more about the batteries.

Right now, Heather is making cinnamon rolls, while WALL-E watches over her from the counter. She is also speaking in a British accent and Abigail is researching for Kat's crossword so Kat can cheat. Also, we are taking a Slang Flashcard test.

I sort of can't believe I'm finally in Chicago, because the trip to Rockville was such a disaster and I will tell you why. One - I was working. Two - the car broke down. Three - I'm pretty sure I didn't sleep at all. Four - I was working. The disaster didn't end once I landed in Dayton, oh no. There were parking lot shenanigans. I will get to that in a minute.

The BEST thing happened as I was walking to baggage claim. I walked out of the secured area and all of these people were there greeting their loved ones. I was all, "aww, that is so sweet and boo, none of them are for me." And then. I walked around the corner and saw this guy who looked just like Joe and GUESS WHAT. It was Joe. And THANK GOD because I was way tired of carrying my bags. Hee. Also, it was really very sweet because pretty much all I did the entire trip was text/email Joe and Heidi and tell them what an awful time I was having. And it turned out to be a really good thing that he was there and NOW I will tell you why.

OK. So when I parked my car on Tuesday, I parked in economy. And they were doing a buttload of construction and APPARENTLY I ended up in the wrong lot. Somehow, there was no barrier between the economy lot and the credit card lot (which is way closer to the airport) and I drove into the credit card lot by mistake WHICH SHOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE. Anyway, so I tried to get out of the lot with my credit card, but since I didn't use my credit card to get in, the thing wouldn't let me out. So I called the guy on the intercom and he was really rude and told me I couldn't get out and I'd just have to find the way I got in, and get out that way, and when I tried to explain to him that THERE WAS NO OTHER WAY OUT because apparently they'd put the barrier back, he was all, "eff you, B, sorry about your luck." If Joe hadn't been there to calmly ask me if I wanted him to drive, I definitely would have just driven through the barrier to FREEDOM SWEET FREEEEEEEEEEEDOM. And, you know, then I would have gotten arrested and there goes my newfound freedom.

So. We drove around for a while, found a movable barrier, moved it, and drove out of the economy lot. And then I went home and slept. And then I got up and packed. And then I drove to Chicago, and picked up Abigail, and we went to the airport to get Kat and Heather, and then we found the apartment Abigail had rented for us (which WOW I need to take pictures once I find batteries) and then we went to the grocery and bought wine and food and 30 cans of PBR (25 are left . . . can we finish them? I don't know) and then we ate cheese and drank wine and then we played the Harry Potter game I gave Heather for her birthday and then we watched Heather's new WALL-E dance away and then we had dinner and that's it. Except THEN this morning we got up and got Starbucks and whatever happens after that, I will have to tell you at a later time. Hold, please.


eclectic said...

Abigail is the absolute BEST at the accommodations game, is she not?! And hey, what color are the Ikea batteries?

Tam said...

So you are reporting on a public blog that you stole Dayton airport parking? Just checking. I already reported you.

Jennie! said...

Shari, they are yellow.

Tam, please don't report me. I'll never survive jail.