Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm a businesswoman in town on business

Are you there, Internets? It's me, Jennie. I'm so tired, Internets. So tired. I flew into Baltimore last night, and by the time we got our bags, picked up our rental car, went to the hotel, and ate dinner? It was 11. And then! I stayed up til midnight for some reason. And then I couldn't sleep. And you know what? I sort of hate the Marriott. My room doesn't have wireless internet, the hotel buffet breakfast cost $14, there was a moldy teabag in my coffeemaker (which was hidden in a random drawer), and there's a drafty draft from hell (or somewhere, you know, cold) coming through the window that makes me want to stab Mother Nature in the face.

However. There IS a giant, flat screen TV and the $14 breakfast was pretty good and everyone knows coffee tastes better with moldy teabags in it, so win win win.

I came here for work, to do some training and testing, although the first two hours of work today were spent setting up laptops and getting access to various networks and my head exploded from all the disorganization of it all. And then we started working and OH MY GOD I actually felt like I was accomplishing something, which is a lot different than what happens most days. Most days, I spend my time avoiding irate employees who want to yell at me because I'm mean and won't let them have benefits for free, because I'm totally in charge of that.

The rental car place gave us a Mustang and so far just my boss has driven it, but tomorrow I have to drive it back to the airport and I'm a little scared that I might need to sit on a phonebook to see over the hood. Also, I'll probably get lost at least once, with or without the company-provided Garmin (RECALCULATING) so I might leave for the airport seven hours early.

Anyway. My brain is done working for the day so I'm going to go lie in bed and watch South Park.


mysterygirl! said...

You know what stinks? Is that I am right down the street. But we aren't hanging out. With Kat. Eating a giant MEAT PLATE. :(

Abigail said...


My mom has that Garmin and I HATE HATE HATE it.

Tam said...

I think it's funny when the Garmin says "entering a Roundabout"
It also has a funny british word for "freeway"

Maybe if you change the voice you will like it better?

Jennie! said...

MG, maybe if they send me again, I'll be there longer and they won't make me go to mandatory dinners. Bleh.

Abs, I loved the Garmin after it got me safely back to the airport.

Tam, I drove through some roundabouts! They were way confusing.