Thursday, December 4, 2008

I am all better now

I got some food and some beer and now I'm driving coffee because I forgot that drinking beer would make me sleepier than I already was. I immediately got a two-top when I finally made my way to the restaurant, and almost as soon as I ordered my food and beer BOOM there it was. And it was delicious. Sort of. I mean, I was so hungry that I would have eaten anything they brought me, even if it was kitty litter covered cat poop.

As I was sitting there, all alone at my table, some lady walked up who knew the two guys sitting at the table beside me and she was all, "can I sit here?" and before I said yes or no, she sat down across from me. I was all, "whatever, I have a giant beer, I can handle some lady." It turns out, she's on my flight and totally knew where I work and blah blah blah we talked and then I paid for my crap and then I left. Also, the guy she knew was British and I eavesdropped on their conversation so I could swoon at his accent.

So, then I wandered around the bookstore but my brain wouldn't let me buy anything because I knew I could find all those books somewhere else for cheap. Also, I already have a book in my bag that I fully intend on reading while I'm on the plane, so I didn't even NEED to buy a book.

THEN I went to the coffee place to get some hot chocolate and they were like, "but we only have drip coffee right now," like they couldn't drop some cocoa in some hot milk or whatever. Assholes. But then I got coffee and it kind of tastes like burning, but at least I won't fall asleep on the plane and wake up to someone licking my face. Or worse. You never know.


Fraulein N said...

Hope you had a safe trip! I'm excited to see that you're reading Blindness because I absolutely LOVE that book.

eclectic said...

I would totally ask to sit at your table too, only it would be so I could talk to you about books and other stuff, NOT so I could talk to the two guys sitting at the other table.