Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kristi Yamaguchi okaaaaay*

Sometimes I do not understand song lyrics. Like, the other day, Heidi and I were in the car and this happened:

Me: What are they saying? Are they saying, "I broke her face?"
Heidi: Um, no. They're saying, "my poker face."
Me: Ooooooh!

And if I don't know the song lyrics, I will still sing along. I'll either make up my own secret language (it sounds a lot like Adam Sandler gibberish) or I'll hum along. Badly. Joe hates this.

Me: I like this song.
Joe: Do you know this song?
Joe: Why do you ruin music I love?

Anyway, I really have no point, other than apparently I kill wonder AND music. Watch out, Disney.

All week long, I've thought it's Friday. This is problematic, because when I realize it's not Friday, I want to throw myself on the floor and have a little tantrum. They frown on this at work. I found that out when they tried to tell me I couldn't wear jeans on Fridays and I threw my chair, sat on the floor, and told them I wasn't doing any work until I GOT MY CASUAL DAY BACK. I also threatened to hold my breath until I passed out but no one cared. Also, none of that really happened.

Last night, Joe came over and we made dinner, only we had to go to the grocery first because I'm never prepared for actual cooking. We ended up making a relatively healthy meal (angel hair pasta with red peppers, mushrooms, and tomatoes PLUS ALSO some chicken that took FOREVER TO COOK AND I WAS SO HUNGRY) and then ruined it with cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies. Oh, did I say "ruined it" because what I meant was "made it even more awesome YUM COOOOOOOKIES." Then we watched The West Wing. Maybe some of you (OK, Heather Anne) can give us some guidance on this. Joe only has the first four seasons of The West Wing and hasn't seen anything past that. I'd never seen any of it PERIOD until we started watching it. I'VE HEARD that maybe it's better to pretend the show ended after the fourth season. Is this true? Should I bother watching anymore? Please say I can just quit after season four, because Joe is getting Lost from Netflix and I'm pretty excited to rewatch everything so it all finally makes sense. That'll happen, right? Right? (Let's pretend, OK?)



kat said...

Anyway, I really have no point, other than apparently I kill wonder AND music. Watch out, Disney.LOL for realz, yo.

(I don't know.)

You can call me, 'Sir' said...

I have all seven seasons of The West Wing and have watched the first four seasons twice, seasons five and six once, and have yet to break out season seven. The moral of this story is that you can probably get away with watching only the first four seasons and still continue living a full and happy life filled with rainbows and unicorns and the occasional puppy.

Tam said...

I wish we only watched the first four seasons of Scrubs too, because it all went downhill after that (season 4 is effing hilarious!)

Also - I LOL'ed at my desk when I saw the title of this post. My husband is so adorable and if I could sell him for millions of dollars... I would.

I like it when you makes me LOL Jennie, I like it.

Jennie! said...

kat! hee.

Sir, I think I will stop. I'm all for denial.

Tam, I'm glad you LOLed. Also, I'm glad I didn't write about what I thought about writing about, because I almost wrote about depressing things from volunteering. Wah wah.

Joe G. said...

The thing about the end of season 4 is that you'll really, really want to keep going, but you have to be strong about it and realize what a great end-point it really is. We'll watch it and then see what you feel like doing.

tamara "inky!" garvey said...

Hi Jennie, I can't really comment on the West Wing (ha, I typed Wet Wing first) dilemma as I've never seen any of it.

However I will agree with you on the "never being prepared to cook" thing. One sad sad night I started preparing Kraft macaroni and cheese, only to find that we were out of milk. Don't tell my mom; she'll be so disappointed. Tiny sad violin!

Jennie! said...

Tamara, I don't understand how people ARE prepared to cook at any time. Do they just go to the grocery every other day? HOW DO THEY DO IT?

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