Wednesday, March 11, 2009

tell me again about the rabbits, George

I recently started the Couch to 5K program because I hadn't gone running since, um, way before it was even too cold to go running, and I quit the gym a long time ago so I didn't have access to a treadmill EITHER. That's sort of a lie, because Joe's apartment complex has a fitness room and he said SEVERAL TIMES that I could use it whenever I wanted but I'm far too lazy to do that. So I didn't. Anyway, I'm on Week 2 and it's going well, mostly because weeks 1 and 2 don't involve as much running as the rest of the weeks, which is awesome because sometimes running makes me want to die. Not this program, though. This program is my friend. We go to the mall together and then get ice cream. Ha, just kidding, I hate the mall. Shopping gives me hives.

Anyway. I went running yesterday because OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS, the weather was perfect. Sunny and warm and beautiful. It was a little windy but I'll take it. After I finished the program, I decided to keep walking because I wanted to see the ducks at the pond. I love the ducks. They're so cute! Sometimes when they cross the street to the pond, I get worried that they might get hit and I have conversations like this:

[in Heidi's brand new, shiny car]

Me: Look! Ducks!
Heidi: I like them.
Me: Me too.
Heidi: They're taking a long time to cross.
Me: OMG look how fast that guy is driving! He's not slowing down! He's going to hit the ducks! What if he hits the ducks? OK, he stopped. Good. Otherwise I would have to beat up his car.
Heidi: Wow.

And the day before!

Me: Look! Ducks!
Joe: Wow.
Me: I love ducks.
Joe: OK.
Me: Look at that one! He has a mohawk thing!
Joe: ...
Me: You know what I love best? When ducks put their little ducks butts up in the air. I love that.
Joe: Yep.
Me: Look, more ducks!
Joe: Are you retarded?
Me: I don't think so. I just love ducks, is all.



kat said...

who DOESN'T love ducks?

Jennie! said...

Seriously! They are so cute.

Joe G. said...

I don't recall asking if you were retarded.

Oh, wait. Yes I do.

S said...

I wish I had a duck pond near my house!

Joe, it's probably a valid question if you hear someone raving about ducks for a while. But then you've also got to consider the fact that ducks are awesome, so why wouldn't a person rave about them?

S said...

Also, Jennie, I tried the Couch to 5K about 2 years ago (give or take), and it really is a good program as long as you're not a loser like me who gives up after week 3. It's something I'm seriously considering trying again post-baby, especially now that I live on a fairly flat street.

mysterygirl! said...

Duck butts are one of the cutest things ever. They should be protected by the EPA.

Fraulein N said...

Sadly, I'm such a city girl, I once had to ask, "What kind of bird is that?" when I saw a duck on TV. This just in: real ducks don't look like cartoon ducks AT ALL.

Ashley said...

When I was a kid, ducks used to come and float in our pool. It was awesome.

Tam said...

You know what ARE NOT CUTE?
Canadian Geese.
You know what YOU CAN hit with your car?
Canadian Geese.
You know what caused a plane to land in the hudson river?
Canadian Geese.

GO BACK TO CANADA YOU FING GEESE! (but leave your friends the ducks)

Have you seen Howard The Duck? You should. It's a classic. She makes out with him. True story.