Tuesday, March 31, 2009

mmm, free ice cream

I spent the majority of last night talking to new volunteers about my own volunteering experience, and then teaching them how to color and play Candy Land. Most people probably think they already know HOW to color and play Candy Land. And you're probably OK at it. But I'm like . . . wicked awesome at it. Alright, really, we color just like everyone else does but you have to practice this reflective play crap and hone your listening skills and all that junk. So that was my job last night -- to teach new people how to do that. And I got to color. And play Candy Land. This isn't normal Candy Land, though, it's Grief Candy Land and you talk about dead people the whole time. Not zombie dead people, but like dead relatives and friends and stuff. The Happy Factor of Candy Land cancels out all the emo, though, so don't worry.

Anyway, when I walked out to the parking lot after THREE HOURS of training and coloring and whatnot, I squinted through the darkness at my car. Something didn't look right. And then it hit me.


That's right. Someone STOLE the Obama sticker right off my bumper. I'll admit, a couple of years ago when W and Bush/Cheney stickers were all over the place, I would feel some rage every now and then and think about swiping them, but I'd never actually do it. Because I'm an adult. A RESPONSIBLE adult (most of the time). Plus, getting bumper stickers off of bumpers is really hard (that'swhatshesaid) and I'll say this for the thief . . . they got every bit of that sticker off of my car. So, thanks for that, I guess.

I don't know when it happened. It could have happened in our apartment complex lot, because Heidi's (new!) car was vandalized, too, only we don't really know if that happened in our parking lot, either. It could have been stolen when my car was in my work parking lot. A lot of my coworkers were really upset the day after the election, but the coworker who listened to conservative talk radio all day is no longer here, so it couldn't have been her. PLUS, I really think this is something I would have noticed it right away. Which means someone stole it from the parking lot of a center for grieving children while I was inside teaching other volunteers how to help said children through their grief. I feel sort of sorry for whoever stole my sticker because they are clearly going straight to hell and I've heard Satan does not pass out free ice cream*.

*he might pass out free hot chocolate if hell freezes over, though


Tam said...

dead people hate Obama, I bet it was them...

mysterygirl! said...

The Evil Summer is still one of the best things I've ever read.

Stealing your Obama sticker is fucked up. At least maybe Obama brought some joy to their grief-stricken lives.

Stephanie said...

I think you're making a big assumption that it wasn't the coworker that listened to conservative talk radio. Perhaps they hunted you down? Perhaps they're standing behind you RIGHT NOW?