Monday, March 2, 2009

crap and cheap wieners

This weekend was grand, it was, the only bad thing being the chilly, chilly weather. And the fact that it ended, of course. They always do, though, so it's not like it was a huge surprise to find myself getting ready for work this morning. It wasn't surprising, oh no, but that doesn't mean I liked it or anything.

It's still rather frigid, but I'm just thankful we didn't get a bunch of snow dumped on us like some other parts of the country. No, that was last year at this time. That was fun, right? No, it was not. It almost ruined Nancy's bachelorette party, but we made the most of it. Also, Mary and I made a snow penis so I can't really say the blizzard was ALL bad.

Heidi and I decided to go to Ikea yesterday because, well, it was Sunday and we had nothing else to do, except maybe watch the America's Next Top Model marathon on Oxygen. It went a little something like this:

Me: I went to some thrift stores yesterday.
Heidi: Yeah?
Me: Yeah. I found some crap. It was awesome.
Heidi: Cool. I like crap.
Me: Me too. We should look for some new crap for our apartment.
Heidi: Yeah, I want to go to that giant thrift store by the Dayton Mall.
Me: I didn't know that was there.
Heidi: It is. I saw a sign on the highway.
Me: We should also go to Ikea.
Heidi: Yes! They have lots of crap!
Me: [watches ANTM]
Heidi: [watches ANTM]
Me: You know. We could just go to Ikea right now.
Heidi: We could!
Me: What else are we going to do?
Heidi: Yeah, we might get bored if we don't go.
Me: So let's go?
Heidi: Yes.

I'm not sure it happened anything like that, but I don't really remember so that's what you get. Anyway, so we went to Ikea and it was magical. I got this. And then I made Joe put it together. I wasn't able to convince him to buy my old desk, though. And then, instead of using my new laptop stand for, you know, my laptop, we played Scrabble on it. It works very well as a Scrabble table, actually. I got some other random crap at Ikea, too, and when I got home I couldn't really remember why I'd gotten it all. That's pretty standard, I think.

The best part about our trip to Ikea was that we got 50 cent wieners from the food area. That's pretty cheap for wieners, in case you were wondering.


mysterygirl! said...

Ikea is awesome for buying crap you didn't realize you needed until you were in the store, and which you'll realize you didn't exactly need once you get out of the store. I love that place. And it's delicious cheap wieners.

Julie G. said...

I like that your desk's name is Dave.

You can call me, 'Sir' said...

$25 for a laptop table named Dave? That seems steep, Dave or otherwise.