Wednesday, January 26, 2011

let's talk about gym etiquette

I know I was just complaining about the movies but now I'm going to complain about the gym and I'll tell you why. Our condo complex has a fitness room and, as far as I can tell, it's hardly ever used. I have seen other people in there maybe one or two of the times I've managed to drag myself to the treadmill, so whenever I walk in the room and see other people, I feel like they're trespassing in MY gym.

When Joe and I walked into the gym a few days ago and there were two (TWO) people already there, working on their fitness, I was perturbed. But, you know, whatever, it's their gym, too (HARRUMPH) so I couldn't really complain. Or throw them out, even though I totally wanted to. BUT. Then! They were gross. And here's why:

The guy on the treadmill who I usually see running outside no matter what the temperature had decided to move his workout indoors that day and was running super fast, was really sweaty, smelled bad enough that I could smell his BO from two machines away, and ran for at least 40 minutes, getting his sweaty-stinky-man-hands all OVER the treadmill. He finished his workout soon after Joe and I started ours, went to get a drink at the water fountain, put on his jacket, and left. Joe and I looked at one another in complete horror.

"Did he clean off his treadmill?" I asked.

"NO!" Joe exclaimed.


So meanwhile, there's this lady riding a bike in front of us. She's not wearing earphones or anything, so I know she heard us talking about how gross it was that that guy was sweating all over a machine and didn't clean it off. But what does she do? Finishes her workout, gets a drink of water, puts on her jacket, and leaves! WHAT THE HELL?

The craziest thing is that there are antibacterial wipes provided RIGHT THERE in the gym. You don't have to bring your own towel. You don't even have to go get paper towels out of the bathroom and then spray them with cleaning solution before you wipe down the machines. No. You just have to pull a wet wipe out of the container. It's so easy. I don't understand people who don't clean off their machines. If you don't clean your machine when you're done with it, YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE.

Gym Rules:


The most important rule of the gym is to clean up after yourself. If you sweat all over a machine, CLEAN IT OFF. How is this a difficult thing to understand?


Don't stand in front of a machine or just, like, hang out on a switched-off treadmill and have a conversation with someone. Get out of the way so someone else can use it. I HATE YOU.


When Heidi and I were members at Fitworks, we would often note that working-out-noises were eerily similar to having-sex-noises. Please be aware of the noises you are making and, um, stop making them. I should not have to give you a side-look to make sure you're not pleasuring yourself over at the bench press.


If you go in the gym and someone is already there and the TV is on a certain channel/show/whatever, DO NOT CHANGE IT. Not without asking. That's rude. I don't want to watch real athletes on ESPN while I work out, I want to watch models fall off a runway on America's Next Top Model.


Hi. Did you just finish your workout? Yeah? Cool. Did you clean off your machine? No? Oh. GO CLEAN YOUR SHIT.


Joe G. said...

I was most shocked that the lady didn't clean off her machines. She heard us talking about it! It was nasty. She need to wash they ass.

Kate said...

Agh, tell me about it! I joined a gym last year that has spray bottles and towels placed between every two machines, so you are always within arm's reach of the cleaning supplies. I have literally NEVER seen another person use them. From my observational data, I am the only person at my gym who cleans off the machine. SIGH.

mysterygirl! said...

Sheesh, I never really even used to sweat on the machines at the gym and I still gave them a courtesy wipe-down. Jerks. Not that I'm SO FIT that I don't sweat or something-- just that I wasn't at a "sweat flying off your person"-level of activity.

And I've found that a good response to people groaning (mainly if they're lifting weights) is to groan back more loudly. They would always know it was directed at them, probably because I only had about 10 pounds on the leg press at the time.

Jennie said...

Joe, I got to thinking...she was pretty old, maybe she COULDN'T hear us. Although, she still should have wiped her machine off.

Kate, that's even worse! I always mean to wipe off the treadmill BEFORE I use it for that very reason, but I usually forget.

mg! I just pictured you having a grunting war with someone at the gym and it made me LOL. I'm going to try that next time.