Thursday, January 13, 2011

big ball of wibbly-wobbly...timey-wimey...stuff

I changed my ringtone to the Doctor Who theme and waited and waited for someone to call me so I could hear it and guess what? Not a lot of people call me. Or if they do, they somehow wait until I'm sleeping or in the bathroom or whatever.

Also! My text alert noise is now that VROP noise that the Tardis makes when it appears. Or disappears. Whatever. I forgot about it until Monday, when I was sitting on the sofa and SUDDENLY THE TARDIS WAS LANDING IN MY LIVING ROOM. Except not. Because it was just a text. I may have gotten excited and this conversation may have happened:

Me: I heard my new Tardis text message noise today for the first time.
Joe: Um, OK.
Me: I forgot I changed it, though, and for a minute I thought the Tardis was landing.
Joe: Sigh.

It could happen, you guys, I swear.

So I started writing this yesterday and totally forgot about it. I blame the drugs. For real, the drugs. It's cough medicine, sure, but I still think it's a valid excuse. I was home sick on Monday and took an actual sick day, rather than trying to get work done from home which is what I normally do. Instead, I finished season 5 of Weeds and watched The Office (British version) Christmas special because I wanted to see Tim and Dawn get together. Yeah, that's pretty much the only reason I watched it. Anyway, I was home again on Tuesday because of all the weather and by weather I mean COLD AND SNOW. There are some perks to working so far from home, and being able to work from home because the roads are too snowy/icy is one of them. If I had an SUV or something, I could probably make it in easily but I don't, I have a car that is basically a glorified sled and while I don't mind sliding around all lanes of the highway, the other drivers do. I can't imagine why. My car is bright green, JUST GET OUT OF MY WAY.

I totally forgot to tell you guys something really important, probably because I was too busy talking about Jack Black the time traveler and cat poop, but Heidi (and Nicole!) got engaged over Christmas. You may remember Heidi from such entries as Upside Down Oven Knob and inappropriate conversations about Full House. Sometimes I wonder how we turned into people who get married and adopt animals and buy houses and remodel bathrooms and I get a little sad remembering our crazy days of drinking until 5 in the morning and eat cupcakes for dinner. Then I remember that I spent New Years Eve running around the beach acting like a dinosaur AND I legitimately thought that a time traveling police box might be landing in my living room and I realize not so very much has changed.


Ashley said...

Okay, I've had it. I need to watch Doctor Who.

Also, I feel like this post is classic Jennie and I super liked it a lot.

Jennie said...

Yes! Please watch it! Then we can talk about it and it will be awesome.

Louise said...

Your blogs totally cracks me up. I'm so glad I found it.

Holly said...

I want the tardis message noise too! I just know I'd dash around the house "checking" that david tennant hadn't just turned up in my bedroom...erm I mean...erm...can I start over?

Never That Easy said...

I want to watch Dr. Who too, (and if possible, without sounding like a Dr. Seuss character); have no excuses for why I haven't yet. But I definitely need to have more cupcakes for dinner type days.

L.A.C.E. said...

ROFL I need the tardis to land in my living room. Then I could tell my husband see, if you watched Dr. Who then you would know what to do when said tardis lands in ones living room lol Oh well, I guess I have to live with the tele, netflix and find me that cool ringtone.

Jennie said...

Louise, I'm glad you found it, too!

Holly, it still freaks me out at first when I get a text. I have to search the house, you know, just in case.

NTE, it's sooooo good. Cupcakes for dinner is so good, too. Or for lunch. Maybe even for breakfast.

L.A.C.E. I wish the tardis would land at my office and time travel me away from every day.

Kiti said...

I had ice cream for dinner. And I may watch a little bit of Dr. Who but despite the purists, I'm going to start with David Tennant. Because, obviously, he's DAVID TENNANT.

Jennie said...

Good idea. I really liked Christopher Eccleston and Matt Smith has really grown on me, but David Tennant is still my favorite.