Thursday, January 27, 2011

i am totally bogarting delurking day II

Sometimes when I find a new blog, I get really annoyed if there's not an "About" page somewhere, because I'm nosy and I like to learn everything about that person RIGHT AWAY, rather than, I don't know, just reading through their archives or something. Who has that kind of time? Wikipedia has ruined me forever.

Anyway, my point is that I'm a big hypocrite because I didn't even have an "About" page! WTF? I've fixed that, though, mainly because I recently discovered how to add Pages in Blogger. I know. I KNOW. So if you look under the header, you will see an "About Me" page and it's all about me, although I'm not sure how informative it is.

There's also a Links! page because did you know that Blogrolling went away? I guess it's been gone since November but I only recently noticed because ALL MY LINKS DISAPPEARED. It was good, though, because I've discovered a lot of new blogs since I last updated my Blogroll, so now those have been added. Please let me know if I forgot you.

BTW, I mostly stole this whole idea from Kate over at Effing the Ineffable, who has declared her own Delurking Day. So if you're a lurker, DELURK, because I am a whore for comments. Also, if you delurk, then I can add your link to my Links! page. Win win win! Also also, I really want to add a FAQ page but no one ever asks me any questions, let alone FREQUENTLY, so if you could delurk AND ask a question, I will send you a virtual hug WHATEVER THAT MEANS.

Also! Here are some recent posts at Joe and Jennie in the Morning! that you may have missed:

1. Joe is going to be recapping Sports Night. Here's the first episode!
2. I recapped episode 3 of The X-Files AKA Squeeze AKA the greatest episode ever (until, you know, the next one)
3. Joe recapped episode 6 of Lois & Clark...Lois dresses up in a chicken suit. Yeah.


Kate said...

Hooray for delurking day! I also always look for about pages and am sad when I can't find one, so yay for those, too!

I don't have a question yet, but I will come back if I do.

Ashley said...

Hey, look! I'm finally on your "Blogroll". I had hurt feelings there for a little bit of three years.

Jennie said...

Kate, about pages for everyone! We should make it happen.

Ashley, it's entirely possible that I did not update my blogroll for over three years. Time just gets away from me sometimes. Heh.

Louise said...

Love the About page and updated links. I'm always looking for good funny time wasters at work.

Amanda Mae said...

I feel that I should take this opportunity to de-lurk, because I've probably been reading your blog, and I'm fairly certain that I've never left a comment. Anyway, Hi, my name is Amanda Mae, and my google reader told me I should read the collective and then it told me I should read your blog. So, I did. And I think you're hilarious. And someday, at my future hypothetical wedding, I'm totally stealing your board game idea.

L.A.C.E. said...

I'm glad I took the time to decide to attempt to blog tonight. As I was able to read yours. hmm.. I don't have an about page, darn it, I don't even know what a blogroll is. Oh horror of horrors!!! Now I must learn more. crap lol

Jennie said...

Louise, same here. I'm always looking for new blogs even though I already read far too many.

Amanda Mae, hi! Thanks for commenting and please PLEASE steal the board game centerpieces! It was so fun, especially when games of Twister started and the Hogwarts game made it out to the dance floor.

L.A.C.E., well, luckily you don't have to learn what a blogroll is because it's gone. Sad face.

Mary Sue said...

Hi! I am Mary Sue and I comment sometimes, so this isn't much of a delurking. I think I started reading your blog three years ago and maybe found it through Awkwardly Social, but I can't be sure. I like your writing and think you sound fun - which is why I keep coming back!

alishka babushka said...

i'm behind in my blog commenting (what's new right?) but I totally lurk. All the time. I think you're super clever. i found you through someone else i lurk on...but i can't remember who. Also. I made an about me page/newbies page just because of you. you rock. the end.

Jennie said...

I am behind on answering comments...Google Reader has made me so lazy about commenting, but that's pretty much the only bad thing I can say about it.

Thank you both for commenting! I'm adding you to my links page AND my Google Reader.