Friday, November 12, 2010

that's why her blog is so big, it's full of youtube

Joe and his brother, Mike, got all of us tickets to see Straight No Chaser for their dad's birthday. And so, last night, after rushing home from work and a scarfed-down-dinner at Arby's, we met Joe's parents, Mike, and Mike's wife (hi, Julie!) in Cincinnati.

The only reason I'd ever heard of Straight No Chaser was because the All Christmas Radio Station played the shit out of their Christmas medley last year. Like, I couldn't NOT hear it because it was all over the place. This is it:

So yes, they are an a cappella group, and, as I have a secret love of a cappella groups (which explains my love for Andy Bernard), I was cautiously excited about the concert. They opened by singing Joy to the World by Three Dog Night and I was all, "meh." Luckily, the show got better throughout the first half of the concert and when the second half came around, I sort of thought maybe it was tailored just for me because they sang a Lady Gaga medley:


JOURNEY! I couldn't find a good video of them singing it, so here:


And you guys. Then this happened:

The only thing that could have made that better is if someone had done the Turk dance. But they didn't, so here you go:

They also did a kid cartoon theme song medley, but it was kind of a disappointment because they included Family Guy and The Simpsons, which are NOT for kids. And they didn't include Ducktales. Or Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers. Or Muppet Babies. Or Fraggle Rock, which isn't a cartoon, but still would have been perfect. But they said they do a sitcom medley. I just looked it up, though, and it's still not better than this one (you know it has to be good, because he sings the Two and a Half Men theme song and I'm still sharing it):

Note: They sound better in person than in the live videos. I don't know why that is.

Anyway. I was sort of hoping they'd sing this:

But was not to be.


Julie G. said...

Hi, Jennie!

I was hoping for some Effington, too.

april said...

I love Straight No Chaser.