Friday, March 26, 2010


As so often happens in Ohio IN THE SPRING, it snowed last night. Weird snow, too. Annoying snow. I mean, more annoying than usual. It rained all day yesterday and then got really cold last night, so my car was a big ice cube this morning PLUS there was snow all over it. Stupid buttface snow.

It took me forever to get to work. I mean, not REALLY forever, otherwise I'd still be driving, right? And I couldn't post this if I were driving. Or can you do that now? I'm so behind on technology.

The only reason I'm forgiving Ohio for snowing all over the place is that it's Friday. Friday and payday. I can't be in a bad mood on payday Friday. Or any Friday, really, because the Fridays that aren't payday Fridays? I'm off work. Win win win.

I packed like crazy last night, like I was a crazy packing robot. Like Bender but instead of bending things, I pack things. So I'm Packer, but not Packer from The Office because he's a dick. Um.

SO. I packed stuff while I watched Chuck and now I'm finally FINALLY caught up. Chuck is one of those shows that I don't really miss if I forget to watch it, but then whenever I watch it I realize how good it is. But then the next week, I forget to watch it again and am all, "meh." What's that about? Yeah, I don't know either! Things I do know:
  • I would like to see more of Chuck in just a towel, please
  • Sarah and Superman might be the hottest couple ever in the history of the world
  • Except maybe Ellie and Awesome (I just can't decide!)
In other news, I wish today would go super fast so Joe and I can paint. WHY AM I EXCITED ABOUT PAINTING? That's another thing I don't know.

*Does anyone get this? I love you forever, if you do


Joe G. said...

*I get it. Naturally.

I need to get caught up on Chuck! I'm two episodes behind. I think.

Abigail said...

UGH YOU PEOPLE. I've been working like 10 hour days for two weeks now and I'm behind on every single TV show I watch EXCEPT Chuck. Chuck is the best. Please don't let it die.

Also, I'm sorry but Chuck and Sarah are so much hotter. I know I'm biased cause of my undying love, but seriously, Superman? meh. (Sorry, Joe.)

Jennie said...

Joe, I'm caught up and you're behind? It's like I've entered an alternate universe.

Abs, I'm sorry, but ever since Pushing Daisies got canceled and crushed my heart to pieces, I won't let myself get so attached to TV shows. I was burned, I tell you, BURNED. Also, I didn't like Superman in Superman but I like him on Chuck. I don't know why.