Sunday, March 28, 2010

an era is defined as a significant period of time!

It is my long held belief that any life event, big or small, can be related back to Friends. So a few months ago, when Heidi and I decided that we'd both be moving in with BOOOOYYYYS once our lease was up, of course I thought of Monica and Rachel. The parallels are obvious. Monica is a nutso control freak and Rachel is fun and will let you borrow her clothes. I will let you all draw your own conclusions as to who is who.

Heidi and I have lived together for four years now, which blows my mind because the time? Flew by. I know it sounds cliche, but it's true. When we were in college, and it came time for everyone to leave FOREVER, we found it too hard to acknowledge that we were all moving so far away from each other. We reveled in denial and, instead of saying anyone was leaving for good, we simply said they were going to the grocery. They'd totally be right back. It didn't always work and usually ended in tears, but we tried, you know?

So, once again, it's time for Heidi and I to go to the grocery. I'm moving out this Friday.This Friday! It's so soon. I can't really think about it without getting teary which is a problem if I'm, you know, at work. I've lived with quite a few roommates and Heidi is HANDS DOWN the best one I've ever had. Way better than the one I had freshman year, who smelled like an ashtray and used to lock me out so she could have sex with her boyfriend. Heidi will let you borrow her clothes, no questions asked. She'll happily eat cheesecake and cupcakes for dinner with you, and is always ready to watch The Office over a glass of wine. She'll even go with you to meet a stranger from the internet so you don't get axe murdered. And. And! She'll almost always be smiling, no matter how shitty her day was. She has a much better attitude than yours truly and that is a true story.

This is quickly turning into a sapfest, and we can't have that, no we can't, so instead I bring you Heidi and Jennie's Greatest Hits:

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:-(, you guys, just :-(


eclectic said...

Awwww... I'm sorry for your sad face. I totally get it, too. Good roommates are so rare (Hi Laurie!!), that it's always difficult -- once you've found one -- to not be roommates with them anymore.

I will warn you: boys are generally not as good of roommates as a Good Roommate(TM) ... although they have other qualities that make rooming with them totally worth it.

So, I'm rambling, (yeah, like THAT's new...) but I'm trying to tell you that Heidi is the perfect example of a Good Roommate (TM), and I know how valuable that is. But Joe is the perfect example of the best reasons to go to the grocery.

Ashley said...

Ohhh, this makes me so sad. When Emily moved out, I felt exactly the same way. We'd lived together for four years, also. Now she lives in Seattle with her stupid rich boyfriend in a stupidly wonderful condo doing stupidly stupid law school things. I miss her.

But at least you get to live with Joe. When Emily left me I didn't have a nice fiance person to take her place. The world is awful.

(You guys should go out and do something extra stupid to commemorate your roommate years.)

You can call me, 'Sir' said...

How is it possible that you never got one comment on the posts involving bags of semen or butt sex and Full House? Those were comedy gold (or at least bronze....maybe pewter, but still really funny).

Jennie said...

Shari and Ashley, I wouldn't go to the grocery for anyone but Joe because most boys are stinky.

Sir, I think that was back when I used Haloscan and when I quit, all my comments disappeared. That makes me sad face, too.

Heidi said...

This blog entry just made me very sad at work. You are the best roommate I've ever had too! I don't even need to read some of our Greatest Hits without already knowing what they are!! haha

Jennie said...

Sorry I made you sad at work, but if I have to be sad at work, so do you! Hee.

PS: I found funny pictures of you, me, and Mary wearing Liger wristbands and drinking tequila while I was packing.