Monday, January 25, 2010

Skittles is more fun than Rock Band YEAH I SAID IT

So this weekend was full of social activities, which I don't normally condone on account of I need alone time or my brain explodes. But I must have been feeling particular social or something because my brain didn't explode at all the entire weekend.

We went to a gathering at Joe's friend Jessica's on Friday, and little, baby Maddie was there, who is like, totally awesome, especially for a baby. I guess technically she's not really a baby anymore, she's like an old baby or a toddler or something, but whatever. She's learning to say lots and lots more and almost everything she says is FREAKING ADORABLE. When we first got to Jessica's house, Joe and his friends went in various directions to do adult things and I followed Maddie into the other room so we could play with toys and color, which is more on my level anyway. And now I bring you, Conversations With a Baby:

Me [pointing at a lion in her book]: What's this?
Maddie: Lion. Lion hops!
Me: Um, yes, the lion hops. Like a bunny.
Maddie: Diaper.
Me: ...diaper?
Maddie: Diaper on my butt.
Me: OMG, aren't you potty training? You're not wearing a diaper! JESSICA!

and later, while "reading" an ABC book:

Me: What's this?
Maddie: A!
Me: What's this?
Maddie: B!
Me [pointing at a bird]: What about this?
Maddie: Tweet tweet!

And then my heart just BOOM melted all over the floor and I had to apologize to Jessica for making a mess on the carpet but really it's her fault for having such a cute baby.

Anyway. Then we all ate fajitas and talked about life, the universe, and everything and then Joe and I went home and watched Veronica Mars so, you know, it was the best night ever. Until Saturday night, because we ate loads of Italian food and then went to Wancy's for game night. I love Nancy's house because she has so much fun stuff there. It's sort of like a carnival and if you don't believe me, WELL, she had a hot dog rotator machine AND a popcorn machine plugged in and ready for munching as soon as we got there. At some point, Wayne convinced Joe and Jody to follow him to the basement to see...I don't remember, construction or something, but after a while we heard shouts of jubilation and we were all, "wtf are they doing?" So Nancy told us they were probably playing Skittles and I said, "they're eating Skittles?" and she was like, "you are the dumbest person I know," and I said, "I KNOW THAT, but where are the Skittles?"

Anyway, it turns out that Skittles is an actual game where you spin tops with a string so they careen around a wooden board, knocking over pins although, if you're me, the top goes flying off of the board, almost hitting your friends in their eyeballs, and spins around on the floor instead of the table. I was going to try and draw you a picture but I can't really draw and the picture ended up looking like this:


So instead, just go here and see for yourself the awesomeness of this game. Joe and I are totally registering for it.


kat said...

i had no idea that game had a name. thank you for the gift of knowledge.

Jennie said...

I'd never played before, but it was really addicting. We only stopped because our friend Stephanie got like ALL of the pins down in one go, including the three super hard ones, and no one was going to beat that. It was amazing.

Heather Anne said...

An actual popcorn machine?! I want to move into Nancy's house.

Abigail said...

Last night I was hanging out with my friends and they started talking about comic books and I wanted to ZOOM Joe into the house because he would have loved the convo so much.

And then I felt sad that we are all far away.

mysterygirl! said...

That's a beautiful drawing.

And I want a popcorn machine.

Suzy Voices said...

Hmmm, never heard of Skittles!! Thanks for sharing!

Unapologetically Mundane said...

That looks like foosball for nerds.