Tuesday, January 12, 2010

OK, smartie, go to a party

Oh, hi! Guess what? It turns out that working full-time really puts a dent in my Doing Nothing time. It's unfortunate. Those 12 days I had off of work were BEAUTIFUL. I finally had time to do all the reading/movie-watching/internet-surfing I wanted. No stress! I think it's high time someone started paying me to Do Nothing professionally because I'm really good at it.

Then work started again and I'm all exhausted by the time I get home. I have an entirely new workload because of some reorganization that went on at the end of last year and it's much more stressful than my old workload. Still. It's also more fun than my old workload, so that's something. I'm sure I'll be used to it soon.

My main dilemma today is that I've been listening to the Glee soundtrack all day (between conference calls) and do you know how hard it is not to sing along with Somebody to Love? Turns out? Really hard. I am biting my tongue, FOR REALSIES.

I also have a wedding dilemma that I would like some help with. I guess it's not really a dilemma, I don't think. I could just use some suggestions and you guys are good with the suggestion-making.

BEFORE I ask anything, let me promise that I will not be forcing you to read about my wedding planning for the next nine months. Partly because my goal is to do things as low-stress as possible, and if something starts causing me stress, I will cut it. I WILL CUT IT SO HARD. Anyway. Mostly I won't be sharing all of my wedding planning because there is nothing more boring than listening to someone blather on about their wedding YEAH I SAID IT and also I just fell asleep a little. I promise to keep the blathering to a minimum.

So. We think we're having a later reception, with heavy appetizers for everyone in the beginning, between all the booze and dancing. This is mainly so we don't have to pick out main dishes and side dishes and salads and all that because everyone knows appetizers are more fun. Also, I hate the sit-down dinner part of weddings. I'm always sitting there like, "when is the fun stuff going to start?"

Anyway, so that's my longass explanation of why we're not doing a sit-down dinner. Well. My friend Nancy did the heavy appetizer thing, too, and then around 10:30 brought out a magical hot dog bar for everyone to drunkenly pig out on because YUM HOT DOG BAR. We want to do something like this, but are having trouble figuring out what kind of food bar to do.

Heidi suggested serving mashed potatoes out of champagne flutes with lots of toppings for people to choose from. I love this idea because my lifelong dream is to eat an entire meal of mashed potatoes and that comes pretty close. The catering lady suggested a Skyline bar, but since I think Skyline tastes like evil and smells even worse, that's out. I like the idea of a pizza bar, because how delicious is pizza at 10:30 PM after you've had (more than) a few drinks? So good!

Whatever, my point is, please give me some other ideas.

kthxbai lylas


Abigail said...


Also, that potato idea is the best thing I've ever heard.

mysterygirl! said...

I went to a wedding where, adjacent to the dinner buffet, there was a mashed-potatoes-in-champagne-flutes bar. It was delicious, but it did take forever to get through because everyone nosed around the toppings, looking at everything and contemplating what to choose like they'd never seen bacon crumbles or chives in their entire lives.

I love the idea of some kind of late-night bar. Something like pizza or sliders or mini grilled cheese or something else yummy and booze-absorb-y. :)

So you're getting married this fall? Yay! What date? (sorry if I am an idiot and missed this)

Jennie said...

Abs! I know! I love potatoes! Hee. Maybe it could be an all potato bar with mashed potatoes and baked potatoes and cheesy potatoes and drooooool.

mg! I think in my effort not to be an insufferable wedding talker, I forgot to say we set a date for Sept. 18th. Whoooo!

Also, mini grilled cheese! Yum.

I'm really hungry now.

Tam said...

we just went to a wedding with a taco bar, that was pretty fun and spicy.

Also blogging about wedding planning is awesome. BTW.

Jennie said...

Tam, a taco bar does sound yummy but I'm really clumsy and would probably end up with a taco stain all down the front of my dress. Those pictures would be hot!

I don't think I can blog about wedding planning. Someone else had to buy me wedding magazines because I didn't even think of it.

Heidi said...

If you do sliders I can get you the hook up on some mini pretzel buns.

Jennie said...

Grilled cheese on mini pretzel buns! Yum!

Julie G. said...

I was going to suggest sliders, but that grilled cheese on mini pretzel buns sounds awesome.

Abigail said...

McDonald's would be amazing. Those cheap cheeseburgers... nuggets... fries... apple pies.... mmmmmmmm.

Tamara said...

A friend of mine did a mac n' cheese bar at the end of the night in little to go boxes... it was good.

Suzy Voices said...

What about a sundae bar???

sarah g said...

weddings are fun. fun idea? We wanted to do and kinda are doing?

cake tasting is 99% of the time FREE. Really. We didnt care too much about it, but we love cake and we love free.

have a day of cake eatting. (we are doing it as deserts to other dinner/lunch meetings) ha. its great. you get tons of cake and one lady even sent me home with 3 free little cakes! Cake is great!

Have fun! No dilemmas! Wahoo :)

(suggestions; none. i'm doing cookies and yummies with cocktail hour and then maybe desert stuff later)

You can call me, 'Sir' said...

I'm sorry, but what part of HOT DOG BAR did you not like? Actually, by that part of the evening, you might be able to get away with two or three enormous tables piled with really messy nachos and everyone would be okey dokey with it. You could also yell, as they wheel out the nacho mountains, 'Who will help me clean these tables of nachos?!?!', and maybe pass out shirts that read, 'I went to Jennie and Joe's wedding and climbed Mt. Nacho'.

Klassy with a capital 'K'.

Elizabeth said...


Skyline sucks..so my opinion ( which should be worth alot since I just eloped) no on skyline. Regular chili dogs would be good except for your Dad and Uncle John. Mashed potatoes is quirky but very you. OMG chili cheese mashed potatos!!!! Pizza would have to be good pizza not artificially flavored ick.
I love the heavy appetizer idea because it is much more fun and delicious than sit down dinners.

Aunt Beth

Jennie said...

Julie, I think we're leaning toward sliders!

Abs, unfortunately, Joe refuses to eat McDonald's just because it made him sick ONE TIME.

Tamara, that sounds yummy. I love mac n' cheese, and it's good drinking food.

Suzy, I think we're leaning toward not-dessert, so it'll be more filling and stuff.

Sarah G, I will have to look into this free cake testing because, um, YUM.

Sir, I loved the hot dog bar, I just don't want to be a copycat. Also, I like tiny burgers more than hotdogs. Although nachos sound really good, too, I'm sort of drooling a little.

Aunt Beth, I agree with you on both Skyline and the chili dogs. My idea for dinner was to just order pizza from a bunch of different pizzas but no one else liked that idea. Wah wah.

Kiti said...

Pizza bar all the way!!

I didn't get to do the cake-tasting/cake-shopping thing because a relative made us a gorgeous cake (for free!!) for our wedding. But I should have gone cake-testing anyway, I think. Perhaps I will plan a hypothetical wedding, just in case, and do some cake-testing now just to be prepared.

Why am I posting a comment way late on this post? Because it's Friday and I'm at work.