Monday, June 15, 2009

just as you are

I'm still not entirely sure why I decided to join Match last year. Boredom, loneliness, curiosity, all of the above. I was just getting over a looooong angsty period as a result of A Boy who made me feel angsty in the way only A Boy can. Once that was over (you know, mostly), I tried being set up. That didn't work, even though he was very funny, had an extensive book collection, AND looked like a grownup Harry Potter minus the lightning bolt scar.

Still, I've always been skeptical of Match (and all internet dating) and made fun of the winking, but now that I think about it, wouldn't real-life dating be a lot easier if we all employed this winking system? You see someone cute across the bar, you wink, he (hopefully) winks back and BOOM, instant love. Or something.

So join I did, after watching Heidi and her coworker giggling over profiles. Oh, I thought, it's like Myspace, only I have to pay for it and I might get axe-murdered. I was still skeptical about internet dating, although I really didn't have a reason to be. A friend from college met her husband on some Yahoo dating site PLUS there are all those happy couples in the commercials and commercials never lie, right?

Boston Stoker
(tea, not coffee)

A year ago (yesterday), I went to meet a boy for coffee, after a week of emailing and talking and making sure the other wasn't (too) crazy. I wasn't nervous to meet him, not at all. I was excited. All week, I'd been thinking, "why are we waiting til the weekend to meet?" but the weekend finally came, and we met, and I don't remember what we talked about but we hogged two of the best chairs in Boston Stoker for over four hours.

I didn't join Match with any expectations, except that maybe I'd get some entertaining blog posts out of it. Bad dates make good stories, but I never had any bad Match dates because, while I'd exchanged emails with a few people, Joe was the first person from Match that I actually met. And THANK GOD because if I'd gone on any bad dates, I would have quit immediately because, duh, I'm a quitter. And then I might never even have met Joe because we're both shut-ins who would rather stay in and read/watch movies/play with the Internets (in pajamas) than go out into the real world. Joe knows me better than anyone ('cept Heidi), he thinks the ridiculous and inappropriate things I say are cute, and he tells me I'm pretty even when I've spent the entire day all fevery and barfy and unshowered. There's nothing in the world I wouldn't want to do with Joe, even if that something is doing nothing.

I was never all that interested in falling in love because it seemed too messy. I knew what I wanted and could size up a boy and rule him out in an instant as NOT IT. Joe threw me off. I was instantly comfortable with him, which is unlike me. Normally I'm quiet and just generally socially awkward around new people, but not with Joe. I told him once that I'd built a wall around myself so no one could see that, yes, I have feelings and yes, they could be hurt. He just replied that it's a good thing he's tall enough to see over the wall.

Joe is tall
(see, tall)

There's plenty to worry about in the future. Money, car, job, housing, etc. But something clicked when I met Joe. A piece of my life that I didn't even know was missing was suddenly there and now I don't have to worry about things so much. And if you knew what a chronic worrier I am, you'd see what special kind of miracle Joe worked.

Here's to a great year.


kat said...

aw, you guys! *sniff, sniff*

heather! anne! said...


So sweet.

Being tall is awesome.

You can call me, 'Sir' said...

Gosh. That almost makes me want to dive back into for awhile.

And yet .... no.

They should pay you for the advert.

Abigail said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. tear.

S said...

You two might be the most adorable couple ever!

Stephanie said...

I really want to say, Ewwww, gross.

But instead I'll say Awwww. ;)

I tried signing on to, but it doesn't like my email address and I've just taken that as a sign of early rejection from them.

Tam said...

Hello guest poster... also... where's Jennie?

Also, Harry Potter is still single. It's a shame really.

Heidi said...

I'm glad you met a good guy on Match. If you ever want me to guest post about all of the LOSERS I've attracted on there you wouldn't have to post for a while.

Also, this is the first schmoopy thing I've ever heard you say about ANYONE. Kinda cute.

Ashley said...

I'm with everybody else. This post deserves a big AWWWWWWWWWW :)

Tamara said...

I love hearing about love.

Jennie! said...

kat! there's no crying on Wonder Killer! Heeheehee.

h!a! I forget, are you taller than Abs? Heh.

Sir, YES, where is my money, Match?

Abs, seriously, NO CRYING on Wonder Killer! Heh.

S, no way. I have two words for you: Jim, Pam.

Stephanie, if you want to say, ewwww, gross, I totally understand.

Tam, who is this Jennie you speak of?

Heidi, that is the best idea EVER. Please start writing these posts immediately.

Ashley, awwwwwwww, thanks!

Tamara, me too. I think that's why I watch Love, Actually all the time.

Anonymous said...


mysterygirl! said...

"He just replied that it's a good thing he's tall enough to see over the wall." just made tears come to my eyes. Thanks a lot. There should be a warning.

This post rocks, and so do you and Joe. Plus you are insanely cute together, which is also a bonus.

Never That Easy said...

Yeah, I've got to go with Awww. And maybe some tears, even if they're not allowed. (I'm a rule breaker).

peefer said...

This is full of all kinds of happy. I feel like buying a puppy now.

S said...

Jennie, you're right. But coming in 2nd to Jim and Pam would be ok in my book. Just saying.

Also, I'm with peefer. This kind of happiness can only be made more wonderful with puppies!

vahid said...

Awww, shucks, you guys are cute. Congratulations on having the Internet actually be useful for once. ;)

Joe G. said...

I don't know what to say. Other than, thank God you winked at me. Best thing that ever happened to me, by far.

Fraulein N said...

Awww. That was SO sweet. Congrats, you guys!