Saturday, August 28, 2010

Max Update

I don't want to brag, you guys, but Max might be the BEST. DOG. EVER. He's so good! Like, we don't even have to tell him to be good HE JUST IS. Which is good because he doesn't really understand words like sit or lie down or stay. He pretty much just stands there looking up at us and wagging his tail while we say "sit" over and over, holding a treat in one hand. But he's learning. Sloooooowly.

He loves going on walks, obviously, I mean what dog doesn't? We took him for a long walk last night and he trotted along in front of us, until he saw a bunny or a bird, then he would try to go make friends with them. At least that's what I'm assuming he was doing, such was his intensity. I'm sure that's it. Yes, definitely.

Phoebe is, well, Phoebe has made herself scarce the past couple of days but honestly that's all going much better than I'd anticipated. Max pretty much ignores her, something she hasn't really noticed, I don't think, because every time she sees him she acts like Max is trying to murder her. I mean, Max has spent most of his time like this:


And Phoebe has spent most of her time like this:

Phoebe hiding from Max

She is such a drama queen.

But yeah. They're ignoring each other, for the most part, which is far better than them trying to fight and fight and fight fight fight fight fight.

I think Max likes us and maybe even knows we're his people now. He wags his tail and starts hopping up and down when we approach him and will sometimes flop on his back so we can rub his tummy. And when I came out of the bathroom this morning, he was lying on the floor outside like he was waiting for me. I don't want to get all Holly Hunter in Raising Arizona but I LOVE HIM SOOO-OOO MUUUUCH.


mysterygirl! said...

Max is unbelievably adorable. I'm so psyched for you guys!

Ashley said...

I want to eat his face.

Pretty soon Phoebe will progress to the stage where she is no longer scared that he is going to murder her just because he enters a room, and will instead be just extremely concerned that he is a spy for the Russians or something. She will then follow him around and not leave him alone. This stage lasted for a month with Hal and Bosco. Then they just ignored each other completely. But maybe yours will be friends!

Julie G. said...

adorable. i still want to play with his ears.

when we first got boris, he was so good and he never barked. i think it was about a week later when started barking at all kinds of threats to our home. like the doorbell sounds on the tv.

Abigail said...

loves the pics!