Wednesday, April 21, 2010

no poking

The opener for Ben Folds last week was Kate Miller-Heidke and I was a bit skeptical when she walked out, mostly because the last UD concert we went to was Guster and the opener was the winner of the local battle of the bands contest and...yeah, they were not great. But luckily, she was so good, you guys. She was a tiny, little blond lady with a big voice (think Kristen Chenoweth with less Broadway) from Australia (think Claire with less "Chah-lie, whea's my baybee") and she was adorable.

After a few songs, I remembered this awesome song about Facebook I'd seen months and months ago on my travels around the internet and I thought the singer had been a tiny blond woman, but couldn't remember for sure. How great would that be, I thought, and every time she went to the piano I was all, "this is it...she's going to play the Facebook song," while at the same time telling myself to STFU because what are the chances that some random person I saw on Youtube so long ago would be opening for Ben Folds on THAT VERY NIGHT? Well, it turns out the chances were pretty good because the next time she went to the piano, she sang the Facebook song and I tried not to jump out of my seat, so giddy was I with the excitement of BEING SO RIGHT. Anyway. Here's the Facebook song:


Heidi said...

This song is HILARIOUS!!

Lindsay said...

This is now my favorite song.

Stephanie said...