Monday, April 19, 2010

big ole FAT rain

Remember how last week I was complaining about my weekend full of all grown up activities? Maybe I wasn't complaining, necessarily, but I wasn't happy about all the productivity, that's for sure. Well, I more than made up for it this weekend because I barely did anything productive at all. Actually, that's not really true. I did a lot of productive stuff, only I balanced it out with fun stuff because it turns out I am not, in fact, an 89 year old woman but a relatively young person who can still stay up until 3 AM making bad decisions, dammit!

I had the day off on Friday, and I spent it drinking coffee, doing laundry, baking banana bread, and getting caught in a freak rainstorm while running. In that order. It rained two times on Friday, for maybe 20 minutes total, and of course I got caught outside one of those times. It's my own fault, really. I put it off for so long that I ignored the fact that part of the sky looked angry and dark because the other half of the sky looked like a Bob Ross painting. I should have known better. When the sky looks bipolar, YOU STAY INSIDE. Anyway. I was about halfway through my run when it started raining, meaning I was as far from the house as I was going to get. I thought maybe it wouldn't last that long, so I just kept jogging at a snail's pace, which is my normal speed, but then the rain started coming in all sideways and stinging (just like Forrest Gump said) and it freaking hurt, you guys, it really did, so I started running like Phoebe (of Friends, not my cat) does and cars were driving by and I just kept picturing them laughing and laughing at me, not that I blame them because I'm sure I looked ridiculous. So I did what any normal person would do, I found a port-a-potty by the park and hid in there until it stopped raining.

Friday night, we went out with some friends and I got a free birthday shot. I'm thinking of going back on my actual birthday to see if I can get more for free, that's how good it was.

You know what we did on Saturday, Internets? Do you? DO YOU? Well, you might, if you're my friend on Facebook. Or Flickr. Or IRL. But whatever, what we did on Saturday was drive to Columbus so Joe could dry hump meet Ben Folds. It's a pretty well known fact that Joe wants to have Ben's manbabies (I can call him Ben now that we've met), so I couldn't understand why he was hesitant at first. We had at least three conversations like this:

Joe: Ben Folds is going to be at a record store in Columbus on Saturday.
Me: OK, so then we're going to go to that.
Joe: Well, we don't have to.
Me: ...
Joe: If we've got other stuff to do.
Joe: Yeah, I mean, we don't have to go, it's no big deal.

I think he was just trying to play it cool, though, because he kept breaking into spontaneous giggles on the way to Columbus. We didn't end up having to wait in line long, which was a surprise given it was out the door and down the block. We realized once we got inside that we hadn't brought anything for him to sign (because...we're not smart, ok?) so I grabbed a copy of The 'Burbs because A) HILARIOUS and B) um, HILARIOUS. And then we had Ben Folds sign it. A copy of The 'Burbs. I'm not sure he knew what to make of that, but it's totally relevant. Later, as we were browsing for music since we were in a record store and all, Joe went all ninja and somehow got Ben Folds to sign a print without me even noticing. No word on when the manbabies are due.

Later that night, we went to Steve's housewarming party and I had planned to act like a responsible adult but someone handed me a shot as soon as I walked in the house and who am I to argue with what the universe OBVIOUSLY had planned for me?

We ended up going to a bar and staying there until almost close (I think?) and I didn't get to bed until 3 AM, because I was busy gobbling up bad-idea food (Taco Bell) while watching Ugly Betty. This meant I spent most of Sunday sleeping, complaints there, and then we went to the Ben Folds concert and he was wearing the same shirt as the day before. It was this shirt right here:

Ben Folds

Look, we're all wearing glasses! Let's all be best friends and frolic about town wearing our glasses, it'll be so fun BFFs 4-EVA!!1!11!!!!


kat said...

i remember seeing that picture on flickr and thinking how adorable you three are in your glasses but not actually leaving that as a comment because it was the weekend and i pretty much avoid the internet on weekends. so thanks for posting it here so i can tell you how adorable you three look in your glasses.

Jennie said...

I keep meaning to avoid the internet when I get home from work, but so far it's not really working.

Ashley said...

Wait, Ben Folds is a person? I just thought it was a weird band name. Like, "Ben folds five shirts" or "Ben folds five eggs into his cookie dough." This makes so much more sense now.

Jennie said...

Oh, Ashley, I love you.

You can call me, 'Sir' said...

The 'Burbs is a highly underrated movie.

Jennie said...

Agreed. Funny, manic Tom Hanks is my favorite Tom Hanks.