Sunday, November 8, 2009

NaNo Day 8

Good day, Internets. It's a strange day here in Ohio because, you see, it's November, which usually means chilly temperatures and SOMETIMES even snow but today? Today I have all of the windows open and I'm sitting here in shorts and a t-shirt and it's amazing. It's Ohio, though, which means it could snow tomorrow, but today I'm going to enjoy the 70 degrees.

The procrastination continues, but I managed to finally get around to writing. Not until I'd done all manner of important things, though. Things like grocery shopping, vacuuming, laundry, know, normal Sunday chores. Here are my numbers:

Word goal for the day: 1667
Words written today: 1770
Total goal: 13336
Total written so far: 16108
Words ahead/behind goal: +2772

The first week is over and it went better than I anticipated. I'm surprised I was able to stick to my goal of writing a set amount of words (and then some) every day. I've heard Week 2 is a lot harder than Week 1, so I'm a little worried.

Last night, Joe and I had planned to grill hamburgers, forgetting that, um, it gets dark at 6 o'clock now. When we realized this, we decided to go out to dinner (yessssss) and then to the movies (yesssssss). We ended up at Bar Louie after hearing about the 45 minute wait at Mongolian BBQ (seriously?) and it was magical because there was no wait AT ALL. Which is odd. After dinner, we went to see Zombieland and OH MYLANTA, it was so good. I am simultaneously terrified of and fascinated by zombies, which means I will see any zombie movie made, but I will be on the verge of peeing my pants the entire time. It's a dangerous game, but well worth it, I think.


Abigail said...

If I was in your position (which I would never be hahahah) I would recaculate the word goal entirely based on words ahead. So then it would only be 1500 words a day or whatever. But you don't seem to have a problem hitting your current word count because you are awesome.

Jennie said...

See, I thought about that, but I figure I'll need to use that day's worth of words on Thanksgiving in case I'm in too much of a turkey stupor to write anything.

Kiti said...

Isn't this weather unbelievably awesome?! It's a bit frightening for me, though. I never know what to expect. I just got used to the whole freezing-at-night, scrape-your-car-in-the-morning thing (and for a California girl, that was HARSH), and yesterday and today I can go around without a coat.

I've never been into zombies, but I have this coworker who really thinks I am (long story), so maybe I'll start getting into them, because I might as well have the game as the name, right?

Jennie said...

I love this weather! I wish it would stay like this.

Kiti said...


Jennie said...

Haha, I know, it's awesome!