Thursday, July 2, 2009

ooooooooh BARRACUDA

I went all week having pretty much jack shit to do. And now, in the last hour of work for the week (I get to leave at 3!), I have been given something that needs done RIGHT NOW OMG WTF.

Of course, I'm blogging, so I must have plenty of time to finish it. Revel in the procrastination! Revel, I say!

Ahem. Just a bit ago, I called someone to set up an interview and their ringback tone (wtf ever it's called) was Barracuda. Awesome. I have a bad habit of singing along to these songs and continuing to sing even after the person has answered (ask Heidi, her ringback is Don't Stop Believin') but I held it in this time because I am nothing if not professional. Although, who WOULDN'T want to work at a company where the employees were singing Heart?

The answer is: I don't know, why are you asking me questions, I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO.


kat said...

what's a ringback tone?

Jennie! said...

Like when you call someone's cell phone and you're waiting for them to pick up, instead of ringing it plays a song?

mysterygirl! said...


Stephanie said...

I really try not to sing along with ringback tones... it always ends badly (i.e. person answers or, worse, the voice mail clicks in)

Ashley said...

This just made me want to play Guitar Hero III. I even got up to go turn it on, but then I remembered that Guitar Hero III is in Seattle with my ex-roommate. Divorces are ugly.