Thursday, February 5, 2009

this morning I hit myself in the face with my car door

Yesterday morning, I woke up to my cell phone vibrating away on my nightstand. Weird, I thought, I wonder what that's all about. Then I realized that OH someone was calling me. Really early. I squinted at the phone and saw it was one of my parents calling. OH NO OH NO OH NO, my brain screamed, because NOT ONLY do my parents never call me in the morning, but my grandma is having surgery ON HER BRAIN today. I almost didn't want to pick up the phone, because everyone knows if you just ignore problems or bad things they go away forever.

Me: Hello?
Me: Jesus.
Mom: Did you know Joe's dad is on the news?
Me: ...what?
Mom: Joe's dad. He's on the news with his barbershop quartet.
Me: Oh, yeah. He told me.
Mom: ...I thought you might be watching it.
Me: No.
Mom: ...
Me: I'm gonna go back to sleep now.
Mom: OK!

Geez, Mom. Give a girl a heart attack, why don't you? So, yes, my grandma is having brain surgery today. I don't think it's SUPER SUPER serious, and it's similar to the one she had last year, but it's a bit more invasive and, you know, they're poking around in her brain. That never seems quite right to me. Anyway, my point is, please think good thoughts today. That is all. I hope everyone is having a super Thursday. I keep thinking it's Friday. That has happened to me every day this week since TUESDAY. I blame the groundhog BECAUSE I CAN.


mysterygirl! said...

Today I am full of good thoughts to send to your grandma.

And parents shouldn't be allowed to call early in the morning. It messes everything up.

S said...

Tons of good thoughts for your grandma. She must be a strong lady if she lets people poke around in her brain more than once.

And I must admit that I'm a little jealous that my father-in-law doesn't sing in a barbershop quartet. Although, frankly, it might freak me out a little if he did cause it just doesn't go with his personality.

kat! said...

wanna know what kind of good thoughts i'm having for your grandmother today? i having good thoughts that her brain surgeon is a mcdreamy clone.

Fraulein N said...

What a horrible way to wake up. Hope your grandma's okay.

Tam said...

surgery + grandparents ALWAYS = prayers.
*good thoughts*
*good thoughts*
*good thoughts*

Tam said...

surgery + grandparents ALWAYS = prayers.
*good thoughts*
*good thoughts*
*good thoughts*

me said...

lots o' prayers.
Also, glad to hear that there was nothing wrong, so the rest of your day has to be brighter,...right?

I love barbershop quartets!

Julie G. said...

Good thoughts for your grandma and the rest of your family.

I've thought every day this week has felt like Monday. Can I blame the groundhog for that, too?

eclectic said...

Oh my. Brain surgery seems a little aggressive for a grandma to have to undergo. But since she's your grandma, she's probably tougher and also funnier than most grandmas, so she'll be just fine. In the meantime, I'm sending good thoughts.

Stephanie said...

Good thoughts to your grandma. And bad thoughts to your mom for calling all early (kidding!).

Tam said...

Why on earth did my comment post twice? Oh well... double the good thoughts!